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Abstracts and presentations

2nd International Conference “Legal and Economic Aspects of Corporate Governance - Market Transparency and Disclosure in Private and Public Companies”

Hana Horak / Kosjenka Dumančić: Transparency and disclosure as key elements for companies and markets
Roger Barker: The latest EU Action Plan on Corporate Governance and Company Law: A Positive Development for European Corporate Governance?
Željka Bregeš / Sandra Mikinac: Transparency of the Commercial Court register 
Bistra Boeva: Corporate governance (corporate boards, disclosure) and company's competitiveness 
Christian Strenger: Board efficiency with special emphasis on employees participation: the German experience 
Joelle Simon: “The new French boards?“ 
Cristoph Van Der Elst: Transparency of directors attributes 
Irena Prijović / Gorazd Podbevšek: Supervisory board evaluations-experience in Slovenia 
Gian Piero Cigna: Corporate Governance of Banks in Southeast Europe 
Iris H Chiu: Corporate transparency for banks and financial institutions – enhanced accountability for the future 
John Gašparac: The role of the audit committee in Corporate Governance 
Lajoš Žager / Sanja Sever Mališ: Financial statements auditing as the external surveillance mechanism of corporate governance 
Grzegorczyk Filip / Hejnar Jerzy: External auditor´s normative characteristics set out in the Directive 2006/43/EC as an element ensuring correctness of business entities´ disclosure