The second LTT activity successfully held within the DIGI4Teach project

The second learning, teaching, and training activity was successfully organized within the project of strategic partnership co-financed by the Erasmus+ programme and entitled "Challenges and practices of teaching economic disciplines in era of digitalization" - DIGI4Teach, despite the pandemic challenges. Short-term joint staff training – Trade and International Business (LTTA C2) was held at the Cracow University of Economics (CUE), Poland, in the period from 1st to 3rd February 2022. In total, 12 representatives from partner institutions took a part in the LTTA C2. The activities were also attended by the members of the host university.

The first day of the LTTA C2 started with official greetings and speeches by the Cracow University of Economics authorities: prof. UEK dr hab. Karolina Klecha-Tylec (Vice-Rector for Education and Students CUE); prof. UEK dr hab. Kinga Michałowska (Vice-Dean of the College of Economics, Finance and Law CUE); prof. UEK dr hab. Michał Głuszak (Vice-Director of the Institute of Economics CUE). The first lecture on “International business/trade studies and research at UEK/CUE” was given by the Head of the Department of International Trade Prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Wach. Afterwards, participants presented their institutions (schools/universities) and shared their teaching experience in the field of trade and international business by implementing digital solutions (Blaženka Knežević, PhD and Nikolina Dečman, PhD as representatives of the project leader, the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics and Business; Veljko Mijušković, PhD as a representative of the University of Belgrade; Zorica Hrgovčić, MA as a representative of the First School of Economics Zagreb; Ivana Virovac Bilandžija, MA as a representative of the Second School of Economics Zagreb; Marin Romić, MA as a representative of the Third School of Economics Zagreb; and Blankica Odak, MA as a representative of the Samobor School of Economics, Trade and Catering). Two lecturers from the Department of International Trade: prof. UEK dr. hab. Agnieszka Głodowska and mgr Krystian Bigos gave the second lecture on “Teaching Digitalization of International Trade and International Business at UEK/CUE: Present Experience and a Way Forward”.

A study trip was planned in the afternoon of the first day. However, due to the pandemic situation related to COVID-19, it was impossible to visit Krakow Technology Park KPT and Business Hi-Tech Incubator physically. Instead of this, the activity took place online. The KPT representatives: Mr. Krzysztof Krzysztofiak (Director of the Technology Park Department) and Mr. Mateusz Kowacki (Business Development Specialist) were the online hosts.

Each speech and presentation ended with an exciting Q&A session and discussion between participants and presenters. The first project day ended with a welcome dinner at the CK Browar restaurant and an informal gathering of all participants.

The second day began with the presentation of the project implemented at CUE by prof. UEK dr hab. Bartosz Kurek (Department of Accounting) “MCHE: Education Cloud for Secondary Schools”. Afterwards, prof. UEK dr hab. Jan Brzozowski (Department of European Studies and Economic Integration) presented CASPAR: Center for Advanced Studies of Population and Religion; OWIM: Multiculturalism and Migration Observatory. In the next part of the workshops, representatives from companies implementing the gamification projects at UEK/CUE were invited. They gave the lectures entitled: “Use of Aribo platform for education: Why gamification?” by Ms. Anna Gąsiorowska (CEO of Aribo) and “Use of Gamfi platform for education: Marking students engaged” by Mr. Wacław Wykrytowicz (R&D Director of Gamfi).

In the second part of the day, the participants took part in the CUE Campus tour, including Jurta (created under the CASPAR initiative) and CUE library. This campus tour aimed to familiarize training participants with CUE's digitalization level and its digital library resources. Upon returning to the Campus building where the lectures were held, the International Trade Simulation Game was organized by dr Remigiusz Gawlik (Department of International Economics).

The last day of the activity consisted of two parts. The first part was a study trip: “Digitalization of Cultural Heritage of Kraków: Rynek Underground Museum”. The second part was training on “How to Teach E-commerce” moderated by mgr Krystian Bigos (Department of International Trade).

There was an official farewell at the end of the third day. The participants exchanged their views on the LTTA C2 and certificates of participation were given. During the 3-day activities, an informal discussion was encouraged and stronger cooperation among project members has been achieved. Participants emphasised a very good balance between the training and social activities during the LTTA C2.

All participants have gained a lot of new insights, experiences, and colleagues that have enriched their professional knowledge in the field and improved their teaching skills using digital technologies. All participants agreed that the organization was great, with a lot of activities and are sincerely grateful to Prof. dr. hab. Krzysztof Wach and his entire team.

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