Counselling and Career Development Office

The Counselling and Career Development Office (CCDO) of the Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Zagreb (FEB) was founded to provide support to the students, create links between the students and employers and to facilitate the process of their labour market positioning once they graduate. In addition to catering for the needs of the present students, the CCDO also focuses on the alumni, whose work experience may be of great assistance to their peers who are still expected to embark on career voyages. The third area of CCDO's activities concerns the employers who are in search of future experts in the field of economics and business. Namely, they are offered opportunities of easy access to potential young employees, facilitated initial selection and guarantees that their advertising will reach the target audiences.

The activities of CCDO can be broken down into several categories, with each one containing numerous tools that guarantee successful implementation of the set plans and monitoring of the outcomes of the entire process.

All FEB’s students are entitled to CCDO’s abundant assistance in finding work placement, especially for those who enrol on the elective course “Internship“. The aim is to make the process of looking for adequate work placements as effortless as possible for the students and to find the type of job that will best match their personal and professional aspirations. Moreover, as students are required to select a number of study programmes and majors CCDO offers aid in the area of counselling prior to making the final decision.

Apart from the work placement and counselling senior studentsCCDO is tasked with offering help and supporting the first year students just entering the world of higher education. An individual approach and the student mentoring system open possibilities for high quality steering the students from the very first days of studies and offering assistance in overcoming the obstacles of the academic life as a new and important stage in their life trajectories. The CCDO also intends to intensify the activities of students through some of the student associations that are active within FEB. Therefore, the cooperation of student associations is of paramount importance for realising the set goals as these associations are the most important intermediaries between the office and the students and since the most of their activities are in in line with the CCDO’s aspirations.

Knowing how much a wide range of specific competencies may be of use in the labour market, the CCDO organises and runs a variety of workshops and lectures intended for students. A significant portion of these events includes the participation FEB’s alumni who are the perfect source of real-life experience and concrete support for their younger colleagues. The CCDO keeps in touch and follows the professional trajectories of the alumni in order to organise the workshops or the fora for presenting the former students’ accounts of the lived situations and labour market opportunities.

The CCDO’s activities in secondary schools and at university fairs are intended to disseminate information to wider audiences on the advantages and opportunities of studying at the FEB.

Lastly but not less importantly, the CCDO continuously runs in-service training workshops and talks for the teaching and non-teaching staff.