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To help you plan your study and leisure time, the academic calendar provides you with the information on:

• When the semester starts and finishes and when the study break periods are ( due to national holidays etc.)
• In which period your final exams are scheduled for

Download academic calendar for 2014/15 (PDF)

Timetable provides you information when you are having classes

Class schedule 2016/2017: (winter semester)


Class schedule 2014/2015: (summer semester)

Class schedule 2014/2015: (winter semester)

Class schedule Master Study Managerial Informatics (MMI 2014/2015) >>>


If the exam taking is organized at different venues at the same time, the final allocation of students according to the exam taking venue, will be published no later than two days before the exam is taking place on the notice board in front of the examiner’s office, the department, or on his/her web page.