Conferences in 2020 organized by University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics & Business

ZIRP is one of the region’s leading Conferences in the field of transport and logistics with international recognition (participants from around 20 countries). The scope of the main topics covers many relevant issues outlined and discussed during the Conference, such as sustainable urban mobility and logistics, safety and policy, data science, process automation, inventory forecasting, improving competitiveness in the transport and logistics services market and raising customer satisfaction.

The main aim of the Conference is to inspire innovation in the transport industry by providing the opportunity for the scientists and the practitioners to work together. The main topic of ZIRP 2020 is Transformation of Transportation. It will be held 29-30th September 2020 in Šibenik, Croatia. Papers should be innovative and reflect current and future trends in all aspects of transportation and logistics (find topics and instructions on website). All accepted papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings and selected paper will be published in Springer - EcoProduction series (Referenced in WoS). Additionally, paper assessed by the Programme Committee as a significant contribution to science will be recommended for possible publication in accordance with the usual procedure in the journal PROMET - Traffic & Transportation (Referenced in SCIE, WoS).

The paper submission deadline is 30th March 2020.

Please find more details on the ZIRP websiteFacebook or LinkedIn


  • The 28th Annual Symposium of the Society for Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics (SNDE) will be held at the Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Zagreb, Croatia, March 26-27, 2020. The conference is organized in cooperation with MacroHub - the Centre for Structural and Non-Linear Macroeconomic Modelling. The aim of the meeting is to present and discuss recent developments in the theoretical and empirical analysis of nonlinearity in economics and finance. Confirmed keynote speakers are Hélène Rey (London Business School) and Bruce E. Hansen (University of Wisconsin-Madison). The conference brings together between 130 and 170 top researchers and central bankers from all around the World. For more information about the society and the conference visit the Society website and the official Call for papers

The list of FEBsconferences:

  • The international scientific conference ENTERPRISE ODYSSEY has been organized biannually since 2002 to address a wide range of topics from the areas of economics and business and each particular conference is dedicated to a set of current issues, such as integration and disintegration, governance and entrepreneurship in tourism, challenges of crisis management and business operations, governance and public policies on the road to sustainable development, leadership, innovation and development of responsible economy. The papers are peer-reviewed and published in the Conference Proceedings which is referred in international bibliographic databases (EconLit, ProQuest i EBSCO) and the selected papers are published in the journals published by the Faculty of Economics & Business. The conference has an International Conference Board.

  • The international scientific conference TRADE PERSPECTIVES is organised with the aim to bring together scientists and experts in the areas of trade, retailing, business logistics and other topics related to distributive trade, in order to discuss the current topics on development and business operations in distributive trade The conference has been held annually since 2010 and each year one of the following topics was discussed: the impact of recession on distributive trade, the role of trade in economic development, relationships in supply chains, and the significance of people, technology and knowledge in trade operations. The conference’s international Programme Committee reviews the papers that are published in the Conference Proceedings which is indexed in international bibliography databases EconLit and JEL. Occasionally, a selection of the best papers are published in scientific – one of them being Challenges for the Trade of Central and Southeast Europe which was published by Emerald Publishing in 2013.
  • STC’16 will assemble together, academics, students and professionals who are interested in the Sport Tourism field of research and inquiry. It aims to stimulate research and the dissemination of scientific knowledge, providing a platform to increase inter-disciplinary discussions and comparative approaches, enhance knowledge and experience while promoting scholarly cooperation and collaborative work among researchers from all over the world. The conference focuses on the changes in the development from red to green and blue strategy and more precisely the role played by sport tourism. All abstracts of accepted papers by registered authors will be published in the Book of Abstracts (ISBN 978-953-346-008-6) before Conference. The authors of selected papers will be invited to publish them in the following journals: Acta Touristica, Business Excellence. Papers presented at conference which will not be published in selected journals will be published in e-Book of Proceedings (ISBN 978-953-346-009-3).

  • 1st International Conference on Financial Analysis is organized with the aim to bring together scienties, researchers and practitioners in the area of Financial Analysis. It covers wide range of the key areas of Financial Analysis, like Corporate Finance; Fixed Income; Stocks; Portfolio Theory; Portfolio Management Practice; Derivatives; Financial and Capital Markets; Foreign Exchange Markets and International Finance and other related topics. The Conference has international Program and Organizing Committee. The papers and abstract will be peer-reviewed and published in the Conference Proceedings. In addition, all accepted and registered full papers for HUFA-2016-EFZG conference will be invited to submit special edition of Zagreb International Review of Economics and Business (ZIREB) and UTMS Journal of Economics.

  • The Zagreb International Conference on the Law of Obligations will be held at the Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Zagreb  on December 12-13, 2019. The conference is organised by the Department of Law at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics and Business, in the framework of the celebrations of the UNCITRAL Secretariat for the fortieth anniversary of the CISG, and in cooperation with the ELI Global Private Law SIG of the European Law Institute. For more information, visit the conference website:

  • Applied Econometrics is organized as a practical computer course Econometrics for experts in the field of financial markets, insurance, REIT's, economy and general academic researchers. The curriculum does not concentrate on the mathematical formula behind each technique (although it will not necessarily be explained) nor the formal evidence, but the intuition behind the particular econometric techniques, their importance in the practice and implementation of the E-Views software. Lectures are held in English by foreign visiting professors with experience in publishing papers in reputable scientific journals.

Conferences and Scientific Events in organication or co-organization by Faculty of Economics & Business - Zagreb in the last five years: 

This event gathered more than 40 participants: judges of commercial courts, attorneys-at-law and corporate  lawyers. The participants discussed contemporary issues of application of the Companies Act as regards audit processes, corporate governance, cross-border restructuring, supranational company forms, execution of shareholders' rights as well as the role of sole traders and simple private limited liability companies in modern Croatian Company Law. Papers from the Round table will be published in the conference proceedings. More information here.


TRADE PERSPECTIVES 2014: People, Technology, Knowledge (19th and 20th November 2014)
The objectives of the international scientific conference were: (1) to investigate the impact of human factors on the processes in retail and wholesale trade, starting from consumer behaviour to human resource management and their development, (2) to explain the development of new ways of applying technology to business processes in trade, and (3) to emphasize the importance of knowledge management in the strategic management of commercial enterprises. More information here.

The symposium was organized by the Faculty of Economics & Business - Zagreb and the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts with the aim to show that Croatia still has sufficient resources to independently launch long-term sustainable development. The referees presented 14 papers that have been published in the Conference Proceedings.

The aim of this interdisciplinary advanced course, held in the Zagreb Tempus Centre, was to introduce the attendees – young researchers and teachers working at the co-beneficiaries in partner countries – to the methodology of teaching courses in European Internal Market Law and Economics at European universities participating in the InterEULawEast Tempus Project. The advanced summer course consisted of numerous lectures given by European experts in law and economics, during which the attendees had an opportunity to pose questions and offer their remarks. Methodology of teaching EU courses was also presented through several case studies in areas of free movement of goods, persons, capital, freedom of providing services and freedom of establishment as well as in the area of transparency and disclosure. In the afternoon sessions attendees, both from Russian and Ukrainian co-beneficiaries, held lectures on different topics in areas of law and economics. Special attention was given to legal and economic aspects of contemporary process of establishing Eurasian integrations as well as to the current legal framework of doing business between the Russian Federation and Ukraine, and the European Union.

The 7th Enterprise Odyssey international conference was organized by the Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Zagreb in Zadar, Croatia. The focus of the conference was responsible economic activity which encompasses a wide array of economic, business, political and social activities that yield favourable, sustainable and long-term outcome for different groups in an economy. A pre-conference workshop was organised for PhD students featuring a lecture by Professor emeritus Soumitra Sharma from the University of Juraj Dobrila, Pula, Croatia.

The Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Zagreb, the Faculty of Economics University of Rijeka and Institute of Public Finance organised a conference on tax reform. The aim of the conference was to compare the experiences and draw conclusions from tax reforms in various EU countries in transition affected by the crisis, i.e. Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain etc. More information here.

Round table: "Trade - Theory and Practice in Croatia and Serbia" (11th April 2014)
The event, that was organized jointly by the Department of Trade of the Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Zagreb and the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade, was held at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade and was. The round table was attended by teachers from host institutions and from the Faculty of Economics University of Osijek. The aim of the round table was to exchange information on the current position of trade disciplines in high education in the region and to present and to discuss recent research topics in trade and the related disciplines. More infomation here.

Round table CONSUMER AT INTERNAL MARKET (24th October 2013)
The round table was organized by the Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Zagreb and the French Embassy in the Republic of Croatia to discuss current issues on the consumer protection in the EU internal market focusing on the transfer of experiences regarding consumer protection in Croatia and France and the collective redress as an instrument for the consumer protection. The participants were distinguished experts from Croatia and France in the field of consumer law. The round table Consumer at Internal Market was supported by the Croatian Ministry of Economy. The papers presented at the round table are published in the proceedings. More information here.

The 4th Conference on Competition Law in the Memory of Vedran Šoljan – Changes in Competition Law after the Croatian Accession to the European Union (04th June  2013)
The conference gathered eminent national and international experts who discussed the current issues of competition law in the context of the full membership of the Republic of Croatia in the EU. The presented papers are published in conference proceedings.

The conference was held in the organization of the Jean Monnet Chair/Department of Law Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Zagreb and the Judicial Academy of the Republic of Croatia. The goal of the 2nd International Conference entitled “Legal and Economic Aspects of Corporate Governance – Market Transparency and Disclosure in Private and Public Companies” was to discuss market transparency and disclosure in order to increase the number of investments and ensure level playing field for the private and public companies operating on the EU internal markets and nationally. The best practices of the EU member states were also discussed at the conference and the conference proceedings are available at this. More infomation here.

The Association of Instructors of Languages for Special Purposes at Higher Education Institutions held a conference at the Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Zagreb on 23 February 2013 with the title “Directions for LSP”. The invited key note speakers from the Faculty of Economics & Business and the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb, addressed the significance and limitations of foreign language competences in professional and academic training. The papers delivered by lecturers from various constituent units of the University of Zagreb and several Universities from Croatia addressed the topics on LSP curriculum development, student perceptions, motivation and attitudes to LSP, e-learning methodology, and developing terminology training. More information here.

Scientific Conference DEMOGRAPHY IN CROATIA (10th December 2012)
An academic conference titled “Demography in Croatia” was held in December 2012 at the Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Zagreb to discuss scientific research in the field of demography, as well as in other scientific disciplines that use demography as an auxiliary scientific discipline. Scientists and scholars from a number of universities and academic institutions from Croatia and Slovenia presented a total of 23 papers from the fields of general demography, historical demography, geography, sociology, social policy, ethnology and theology. All papers have been published in: Conference proceedings: Academic Conference “Demography in Croatia”, University, Faculty of Economics & Business, - Zagreb 2014.
More information here.