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New issue of Market-Tržište journal is available. Read online

On 17 January 2017, Ms. Iva Hohnjec, an expert in human resource management at Heineken Hrvatska and FEB’s alumna, held a presentation on the role and significance of internal marketing.
To students enrolled in the Marketing Management course (run by Prof. Đ.Ozretić Došen) Ms. Hohnjec presented Heineken’s global internal marketing campaign called WE LOVE BEER, whose aim is to spread knowledge on beer and create a sense of community among Heineken’s employees. For the purposes of the campaign, Heineken Hrvatska d.o.o. chose five of its employees of different occupations as brand ambassadors. The campaign lasted a year and included a number of activities, such as informing the employees about lesser known but important facts about beer, and the organization of educational meetings and receptions as well as publications in an internal magazine. In the end, Ms. Hohnjec highlighted the importance of a proactive approach, which is valued by the company and required from future employees. She urged the students to follow Heineken
Hrvatska’s website for potential internships and jobs.


New issue of Market-Tržište journal is available. Read online
At the General Assembly held in Oslo on 26 May 2016 the European Marketing Academy (EMAC) ( elected FEB’s Professor Đurđana Ozretić Došen to the Board of Directors to serve as the treasurer for the next two-year period.

European Marketing Academy is a prestigious association that brings together scientists and practitioners from around the world, interested in the development of marketing theory and practice. It was founded in 1975, counts over 1,000 members from 57 countries, and is focused networking, dissemination of information and promotion of international exchanges in the field of marketing.

For the first time in EMAC’s 41-year history a Croat is a member of the Management Board. Professor Đurđana Ozretić Došen is long-time active EMAC member. She is particularly involved in the EMAC Regional Initiative (from its beginning in 2010) to stimulate networking of scientists from Central and Eastern Europe. For two terms, in the period from 2007 to 2012, she served as the first national representative for Croatia.


During the EMAC 2016 conference: Marketing in the age of data, held in Oslo 24-27 May 2016, the sixth annual meeting took place bringing together young scientists members of the European Marketing Academy in the Climber Community, an initiative that encourages their international networking in research activities.

The meeting was organized by Associate Professor Sylvia von Wallpach of Copenhagen Business School and FEB’s Assistant Professor Vatroslav Škare who also acted as the moderator. The invited lecturer was Professor V. Kumar, editor in chief of the Journal of Marketing. This was followed by a workshop dedicated to introducing and building collaborative relationships. This year Tanja Komaracuniv. spec. econ, joined Climber Community and thus strengthened the representation of the Croatian academic community in the CC initiative.


In the summer semester of the academic year 2015/2016 the Department of Marketing organized a series of five workshops on writing theses for the graduate students of Business Economics Marketing. The workshops entitled MTW Marketing Thesis Workshop were conducted by Assistant Professor Sandra HorvatAssistant Professor Morana Fudurić, and Assistant Tanja Komarac, univ. spec. econ.

The first MTW workshop on Sign Topics of Thesis was held in February and included answers to frequently student challenges and problems in writing of thesis –how to choose a mentor, area / topic of thesis, about the procedures for diploma paper application paper and how to search database smartly.

In March, the workshop on Writing a Literature Review the students discussed what literature review is and what kinds of literature review there are, the questions that correspond to literature reviews, how to organize literature reviews, and how to properly cite sources in graduate work.

The third workshop on the Design and Methodology of the Research organized in April dealt with the types of research used for the purpose of writing graduate theses, and on research design.

The last two workshops were organized in May. The workshop Qualitative Research in Marketing deliberated the most common methods used in marketing – content analysis, case studies, interview and observation methods. The last workshop on Quantitative Research in Marketing gave answers to the questions about the goals and the methods of quantitative research, how to collect data and how to analyse and interpret the data. The new cycle MTW workshop for generation 2016/2017 can be expected in the new academic year.

All information about the workshops is available at the following link.

What marketing students said about the MTW workshops:

"[MTW workshop] are excellent, motivated and focused."

"A great initiative and great teachers."

"The great thing for confusing writing thesis."



New issue of Market/Tržište journal is available. Free Online access.


Ms Marija Klaić, the marketing manager of Opel for Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and alumna of  FEB, gave a guest lecture about „Brand Ambassadors“ as part of Professor Ozretić Došen's Marketing Management course. The lecture, which took place on 10 December 2015, was attended by the students and staff of the Department of Marketing.

Ms Klaić and representatives of Opel marketing team were welcomed by Vice-dean Jurica Pavičić. Marija Klaić is the member of Marketing Management alumni, always willing to share her professional experience with her younger colleagues. To illustrate the concept of brand ambassador and exemplify the collaboration between a brand and its brand ambassadors, Marija complemented her interesting and interactive lectures with a special surprise for the students. Opel brand ambassadors Aleksandra Dojčinović, Mila Elegović, Renata Sopek and Ivan Dečak joined Klaić during her lecture. The students asked many interesting questions and learnt about the challenges of a specific and attractive marketing approach to brand management. Moreover, the account was given from the perspective of automotive industry, i.e. from the perspective of an exceptionally dynamic and competitive industry.

After the lecture, the participants gathered in the Faculty Library for a short tour and a photo session.



3rd Marketing Management Alumni Afterwork meeting took place on 25th November 2015. The programme was both attractive and useful. The meeting was opened by Assist. Prof. Vatroslav Škare, Ph.D., and the participants were welcomed by Professor Lajoš Žager, Ph.D., Dean.

After the opening statements, a lecture on neuromarketing "What is our own brain „telling“ us?" was delivered by Professor Đurđana Ozretić Došen, Ph.D.

The lecture answered the following questions:

  • What are consumer neuroscience and neuromarketing?;
  • How can neuroscience methods be used in marketing?;
  • What are the results of research undertaken in the areas of building brands in the minds of consumers, advertising, product design and packaging, cost and risk perception by consumers, consumer confidence, etc.?.

Criticisms of neuromarketing and the constraints of its application were discussed as well. Professor Ozretić Došen's attractive presentation triggered numerous questions and the discussion continued during the coffee breaks.
Due to the great interest shown by the participants of the Marketing Management postgraduate specialist study programme, the third part of the Alumni Afterwork meeting is again designed as a workshop aiming to help students complete the last phase of their postgraduate studies. A former student of Marketing Management and teaching and research assistant at the Marketing Department, Tanja Komarac, univ. spec. oec., held a workshop on "How to find a good idea and turn it into your final project?". Speaking from her personal experience, Tanja answered questions on how to select topics and the mentor, on the process of work registration, database and literature search.

This year's alumni Afterwork meeting programme aroused a lot of interest among the audience - lecturers, marketing experts, and postgraduate, graduate and undergraduate students of the Faculty. The third Alumni Afterwork meeting surpassed all expectations – there were not enough chairs in the hall. Feedback was extremely positive and the participants said they were looking forward to the next meeting.