Information and communication technologies nowadays strongly influence the success of a company. This department aims to educate top experts who utilize information technology to enhance the competitiveness of Croatian companies. The department established a major in Managerial Informatics as a result of significant demand for master's students of business administration with solid knowledge of information and communication technologies. Most of the courses are organized using a project-based principle and utilizing cutting-edge software in the fields such as digital transformation, information security, data management, business process management, data science, e-business, and others.

Within the university specialist postgraduate study program "Information Management", students are presented with the latest scientific, professional, and practical achievements in the application of information technology when managing companies, non-profit, governmental, and public organizations. Candidates acquire knowledge and skills necessary for managing complex projects and businesses by utilizing contemporary technological tools and management methods. In addition, a specialist graduate professional study "Electronic business in the private and public sector" and a university specialist postgraduate study program "Knowledge Management Systems" were organized at the department. The department also conducts the Master Degree in Business study program "Managerial Informatics" in English.

Through continuous scientific research of the members of the department, new relevant scientific disciplines are developed, and the results of the research are incorporated into the educational process and become the basis for discussion in teaching. Classes are held in halls equipped with computer equipment and software that allows students to acquire the necessary practical knowledge. The department works with students to encourage research and evaluation of the possibilities of applying new technologies in business, so in 2019 the Affective computing lab was opened, as the first one in the region.

The department organizes Days of Information Technology, intending to show how information and communication technologies can solve business problems and to present the work of the best students. The topic of this event is different every year.

We organize numerous visiting lectures delivered by experts from the most successful Croatian companies – for the students to get a first-hand look at the business application of information and communication technologies in the daily practice of leading Croatian companies.