Master Degree in Management

Master Degree in Business study programme "Management" is a 1-year graduate study program which was introduced in the academic year 2015/2016. It is one out of three university graduate study programmes provided by the Faculty of Economics & Business that are fully taught in English. Within this study programme students are presented with the latest scientific, professional and practical achievements in management of privately or public owned companies, non-profit, governmental and public organizations. Candidates acquire knowledge and skills necessary for managing complex projects and businesses by utilizing contemporary technological tools and management methods.

Who can apply? 
Study programme is open to Croatian and international applicants (240 ECTS is major prerequisite for enrollment procedure).

What is duration of the study?
Duration of the study is one academic year (2 semesters).

When classes begin?
Beginning of the classes: the second week of November

What is the tuition?
Tuition fee for one academic year is 28,000.00 HRK, which amounts to approximately 3,700.00 Euros.
(1 Euro = 7.6 HRK).
The amount of the tuition fee can be paid in four installments.

Where is the enrollment office? 
Office 5, ground floor.
What is the enrollment fee?
Candidates for enrollment have to pay additional 500.00 HRK as enrollment fee, which amounts to approximately 66.00 Euros.

The Director of the program is professor Domagoj Hruška (