Student Business Incubator

Following global and European trends in fostering students' entrepreneurial activities while still studying, the Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Zagreb set up the Student Entrepreneurship Incubator. The Student Business Incubator was conceived as a special form of support to facilitate beginner-entrepreneurs realizing their ideas in the first years of their business operations by securing venues, computer equipment, internet access, by using expert assistance, and even by finding opportunities for initial funding.

The mission of this entrepreneurship incubator is building and development of the entrepreneurial culture and awareness on the need to link at all levels of economic activities in order to boost the growth of new entrepreneurial ideas and innovations.

The vision of this incubator is to see FEB’s students as owners of successful fast growing firms too, and all that in order to contribute to the development of entrepreneurship, the acceleration of economic development and taking advantage of the huge potential that Croatia possesses – and that is knowledge.

FEB’s Student Business Incubator is tasked with offering the necessary competences for understanding entrepreneurial processes in the modern, knowledge-intensive economy in order to stimulate and develop entrepreneurial traits and skills that are required for business operations in the modern and turbulent corporate world.

The main aim of this programme is to introduce FEB’s students to the methods of making business plans, its key components, entrepreneurial strategies and concepts that they must adhere to, and the numerous other entrepreneurial options that they have at disposal. On completion of the programme, a competition will be held and the winner will represent FEB at the national level, i.e. at the traditional competition organised by the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts of the Republic of Croatia (MINGORP). They are also the initial funding providers for setting up the Student Business Incubator, which we are grateful for on this occasion too.

Lectures in this program will enable the students to meet the leading Croatian experts on theory and practice of entrepreneurship whose advice and support they will be able to benefit from in their professional lives on completion of their studies.

The business incubator will host visits and guest appearances by successful Croatian entrepreneurs and with the potential investors (business angels). This year we also expect guest lecturers from renowned US universities and liaising with their business incubators.

The Student Business Incubator is located in FEB’s Centre for Post-graduate Studies in room 56 and will be open on Wednesdays 12.00-14.00. Owing to the donation by Hewlett Packard (for which I am especially grateful), the students will be able to use the most state-of-the-art computer equipment in drafting their business plans.

Professor Marko Kolaković
Coordinator of FEB Student Business Incubator