Instructions for authors

1. EFZG Working Papers are preliminary papers in Economics and/or Business written either by faculty staff or graduate students of FEB-Zg, and their co-authors. It is possible to publish only up to two independent papers a year or four co-authored papers. WPS editors reserve the right to reject the article in question or to return it for further improvement.

2. Papers for publication must be submitted in properly edited English or Croatian language. Please follow the suggested technical instructions given below:

  • Format of papers: margins 2,5 cm, font Times New Roman, size 11 pt (if not defined otherwise), space 1, justified. The size of the paper is not limited.
  • First page: contains the title (14 pt, centered); name and surname of the author, affiliation, name and address of the author’s institution, telephone number and e-mail address (12 pt, centered)
    • Master and doctoral students at FEB-Zg must cite the name of master/doctoral program, the name of the course for which the term or entrance paper was written, and name of the mentor of a doctoral thesis, master thesis, term or entrance paper
  • Second page: contains the paper title (12 pt, centered), abstract (11 pt) which should not exceed 300 words and up to 7 key words.
  • Titles and subtitles in the paper should be in Arabic numerals and bold. There should be no space between titles/subtitles and continued text lines.
  • Tables and figures should be numbered in Arabic numerals and properly named. Table/figure source should be stated below.
  • References used in the text should be cited: (author, year). The exact citation should be quoted using quotation marks and cited: (author, year, page)
  • References should be listed alphabetically at the end of the paper as follows:
    • Samuelson, P. A., Nordhaus, W. D. (2000), Ekonomija, Mate, Zagreb.
    • Goleman, D. (1998), “What Makes a Leader“, Harvard Business Review, 76(6): 93-102.
    • Lowther, J. (2004), “The Quality of Croatia's Formal Education System”, in: Bejaković, P., Lowther, J. (eds.), Croatian Human Resource Competitiveness Study, Institute of Public Finance, Zagreb, 15-27.
    • West, M., Patterson, M., Lawthom, R., Maitlis, S., Nickell, S. & Nicolitsas, D. (2001), “The Sheffield Organizational Effectiveness Programme: A Description of Methods”,, 1-37.
    • Taken from the official UCTAD-a Web Site (United Nation Conference on Trade and Development),, 10.11.2006.

3. Papers for publication should be sent to For any further questions and information please contact using the same address.