In order to achieve the purpose of user’s satisfaction, the objective of activities of the Library & Documentation Centre is:

  • to provide the access to professional and scientific information in order to contribute to better education of users,
  • in effective and coherent way to ensure conditions for the accomplishment of scientific-research activities,
  • permanently enrich the library fund for the field of economics and related disciplines,
  • to analyze, deposit and allow the access to all information on library material and services that offers the LDC,
  • to procure and encourage the use of electronic data sources,
  • assist and educate the users to use all types of the accessible information sources,
  • continuously upgrade the quality of library products and services,
  • to develop further librarianship and other tasks anticipated by the Law on Libraries and other ordinances of the Faculty.

The terms and methods of using the library services are laid down by The Rules of Procedure of the Library & Documentation Centre of the Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Zagreb (in Croatian).

The Library and Documentation Center offers you the following services:

Opening hours

Monday - Thursday: 08:15 -19:45
Friday: 08:15 -18:45
Saturday: 08:15 -13:45