There are two photocopying machines in the library, on which the users can copy by themselves. Photocopying machines are located on the right side next to the main entrance to LDC. Photocopy cards can be bought at the duty librarian desk in the reading room at a cost of 5, 10, 25 and 50 Kuna’s for 20, 40, 100 and 200 copies. With the purchase of it is necessary to and pay a deposit of 75.00 Kuna’s for each card, which is the market price of a blank chip-card. This amount will returned to you after spending and returning the card!

Please, pay attention to the Copyright law, art. 82.

"Physical persons may reproduce the author's work on any surface if it does for private use, as well as reproduce the author's work in the form of photocopies and for other own use, that is in no direct or indirect commercial purpose and is not intended for or accessible to the public. It is not allowed to reproduce the entire book unless the copies of the book are sold out at least for two years, of graphic editions, of musical works (hereinafter referred as: music sheets), electronic databases, cartographic works or the construction of an architectural object, if is not defined in different manner by this Law or the contract. "