Students with disabilities

The Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Zagreb persistently ensures the preconditions for enabling the students with disabilities to acquire knowledge that is comparable to that of their other peers. By various technical, IT, legal and social activities, the students with disabilities (SWD) are provided full integration into the system of higher education system. According to the defined guidelines on quality assurance in education of FEB’s students with disabilities, a special system of providing information for them, the FEB staff and the physical environment (facilities and equipment) of FEB are being provided continually.

Please, contact the SWD coordinator regarding the protocol for making recommendations for adjustment of the teaching process, and examinations at the email 

As in all constituent units of the University of Zagreb, FEB has nominated the Coordinator for the students with disabilities who is tasked to liaise these students with the teaching staff and the admins, as well as with the Office for students with disabilities of the University of Zagreb. All students with disabilities are welcome to contact the coordinator without hesitation and in full confidence about exercising their rights to adjusted lectures and examinations, as well as resolving all other issues regarding their rights.  

Communication with the SWD coordinator and associate, the support services and the admins at FEB is conducted by e-mail, telephone or personally.

Since most students with disabilities at FEB have physical impairments, FEB has implemented various construction and technical adjustments to make most parts of the building accessible by wheelchair. The building on the Boronia campus, where undergraduate associate degree study programmes are taught, is fully accessible to students with disabilities. These adjustments include adjusted sanitary facilities, parking spots in the courtyard, markings for the visually impaired in the main building, and easy access to the canteen in the FEB building for the students in wheelchairs. In cooperation with the support staff (contacted by the receptionists at the main FEB reception) students with disabilities have unhindered access to all lecture halls in the building. Furthermore, in case of need for making access to students with disabilities easier, lecture halls may be changed during the first two weeks of the semester (this information should be forwarded to the SWD coordinator).

Since a part of the old FEB building is not accessible to all students with disabilities, there is a high level of communication among the support and technical staff (and, if necessary, the security service) to facilitate their easy access to all parts of the building. In case a student with disability needs to see a teacher during their office hour or for tutoring in the old part of the building, he/she should contact the instructor by e-mail and arrange the appointment in the accessible part of the building.