FAQ – Student Office


1. What are the working hours of the Student Office?
The working hours of the Student Office are from Monday to Friday from 12-14 hours, and additionally on Tuesdays from 16-18 hours.

2. Is it necessary to announce arrival by email or phone?
No announcement required. You will fill in the form at the entrance and leave it at the Reception.

3. Is there a possibility to get certificates and grade excerpts on e-mail?
Of course, such a possibility exists, but it is necessary to send an e-mail using your faculty e-mail address, and state your full name, JMBAG and then explain your request in details.
Please send a request to only one clerk to avoid unnecessary duplication, waste of time, toner and paper.

4. Do you charge fees for requests and certificates?
If you are an active student (you are enrolled in the current academic year) there is no charge.
If you have already graduated or dropped out, you will be charged HRK 150.00 for application in Croatian and HRK 225.00 for applications in English. It is necessary to write an application and enclose proof of payment.

5. What do I need to dis-enrol from FEB?
It is necessary to submit a request with a Library confirmation that you have no debts and proof of payment in the amount of HRK 250.00.
Applications are submitted via e-application and will be processed in a day or two.

6. What do I need to borrow (or return) personal documents from Student Office?
Borrowing documents can be requested upon application only if you have submitted the original documents upon registration. We do not return copies of documents.

7. How can I apply?
Requests or applications of any kind (except e-index comparison) are submitted via e-requests. You can find the e-application in the system https://student.efzg.hr
If the e-applications do not contain predefined purpose that suit your application, you can submit the application to the Registry Office.

8. How do I get a decision of my application/request?
The decision will be delivered to the e-mail address you provided in the application. You are obliged to implement the decision within the deadline specified in the decision.

9. Where can I find information and decisions important to our study?
All-important notices and decisions can be found on Faculty web main page, in the legal framework (documents) or on the page of the Student Office.


1. What does the „condition for enrolment in a next year “mean?
The condition for enrolment in a next higher academic year means that you have achieved a sufficient number of credits/points for enrolment.
The number of required ECTS credits is as follows:
Integrated and BDiB / BDiE study: 2./45, 3./105, 4./165 and 5./225 ECTS
Professional undergraduate: 2./48, 3./108 ECTS
Professional specialist: 2./48 ECTS

2. What does it mean „clean enrolment “?
It means that you are enrol in all provided courses in academic year of study. You are enrolled in all major courses and if you applicable, you can choose elective courses with the required number of ECTS credits.
Example: if 6 ECTS electives are required, you can choose one of 6 or do a combination of courses that carry 4 + 4 or 5 + 4 ECTS (you cannot 6 + 4)

3. What does partial enrolment mean?
„Partial enrolment “is not an official name. This means that you are a repeater of the year and you have the right to enrol several courses from next academic year.
Example: I am in the 2nd year and I have 102 ECTS credits (so I cannot have clear enrolment in 3rd year). I calculate missing credits for winter semester and it is 18 ECTS (e.g. missing credits for mathematics and basics of economics) which means that I can only add 12 ECTS from the 5th semester because my total workload must be 30 ECTS. The same calculation applies to enrolment in the summer semester.

4. Why can someone get 33 ECTS in one semester?
33 ECTS can be added due to chosen elective courses and its credits (some elective courses carry 6, and some 5 or 4 ECTS).

5. What is tuition for repeating enrolment into academic year if I am regular student?
Payment depends on the number of ECTS credits you earned in the previous year (2020/2021)
Example 1: in 2020/2021 If the ECTS credits are less than 29 – payment is 7200 kn
Example 2: Else – From 60 subtract the number of credits earned. Multiply the difference by 120 kn and that is the amount of tuition.
(I achieved 45 ECTS, 60-45 = 15, 15x120 = 1800 kn, payment is 1800 kn tuition)
Example 3: I achieved 55-60 ECTS - I do not pay tuition

6. How much is tuition if I am a part-time student and I enrol in a senior year or a repeat year?
Part-time students pay HRK 7,200 regardless of the points earned.

7. What is the „Election Courses Market “? How and when do I enrol elective courses?
It is a tool for choosing elective courses for students who have never repeated a year and have a higher grade average. It is done through the application, and you access it if you met mentioned requirements.

8. How do I choose a specialisation at Integrated Study programme of Business Economics?
The application is made in enrolling process into the 4th year of study. The grade average affects application and selection. After application period, final list with ranking result is published.

9. What is tuition for repeated final „graduate “year of study?
The term "graduate year / apsolventska godina" does not exist in Bologna.
You enrol repetition year of study and pay all unpaid points multiplying with 120kn.
Example: I have failed 14 ECTS x 120kn = 1680kn
In studies in English, tuition of calculated by ECTS cr4edits - 1 ECTS credit -> HRK 467.00.

10. In which case am I excused from paying tuition when enrolling the final "graduate" year?
You do not pay if you have earned 55-60 ECTS credits in the previous year and have not repeated a single year of study. This does not apply to studies in English.

11. I have already enrolled in "graduate" once, but I did not manage to graduate, how much do I pay in that case?
You still pay 120 kn for missing points, or 467.00 kn for studies in English.

12. I have already enrolled "graduate year" once as a full-time student and I did not manage to graduate, what about my student rights and status?
You transfer to the status of part-time student (no application is required) and you also have to pay 120 kn for missing points, or 467.00 kn for studies in English.

13. What should I do if I have not achieved 35 ECTS credits in the last two academic years?
In that case, you must apply for study extension.

14. Does everyone have to pay the registration fee in the amount of HRK 200?
Everyone pays the registration fee except the repeaters of the final years.


1. I passed all the exams and did the other obligations, what is my next step?
The first step is to take your e-index at Student Office for index resolution – the process of assessment and comparison with your student personal file. It is enough to send an e-mail with your data to any clerk at the Office. The assessment will be done within two, three days. You can receive an e-mail only in case something is wrong, and there is no need to send additional emails asking if the process is done.

2. What do I do after the index resolution, after the mentor notifies me of the thesis defence date?
Before thesis defence (whether online or in person), fulfil an application form for the diploma / final thesis signed by the mentor and the president of the graduate study council / head of the department. To Student office you have to bring signed application, a bound copy of the thesis final version, and personally signed Statement of Integrity. Student Office certify all of this and give you the paper for thesis defence minutes, and other forms as well as payment slip (HRK 440.00) for the promotion.

3. What do I have to do after the defence?
The first step after the successful defence is to upload the thesis in the library repository of final papers. The Library will issue a certificate, and then Student Office can complete processing all the forms and the payment.

4. After how many days can I get a Certificate of Graduation?
A graduation certificate is issued within two to five working days (depending on the number of graduates per day).