Gender Equality Plan

For many years, Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Zagreb (FEB) has been supporting and implementing gender equality policies in all segments of its activity. FEB incorporates the principles of gender equality in its acts and reinforces them in practice. Therefore, FEB adopts the Gender Equality Plan for the period 2022-2025, with the purpose of continuously promoting gender equality among all employees and students.

The aim of the aforementioned Plan is to adopt measures that will contribute to the maintenance and further improvement of gender equality. The measures and activities from within the Plan follow, to the highest extent possible, the European Union's Strategy for Gender Equality 2020-2025. The Plan moreover aims to regulate and monitor its implementation, which includes gender awareness raising among FEB's personnel, students and management, the main objective of which is to increase knowledge, understanding and sensitivity about gender (in)equality and stereotyping, and to encourage zero-tolerance to any form of discrimination.

FEB's Gender Equality Plan 2022-2025 is available here (PDF).