Student surveys

Since academic year 2019/2020, all student surveys are made online.

Students of the Faculty of Economics & Business (FEB) are obliged to fill out two surveys within the last two weeks of the semester:
  • FEB survey that FEB is obliged to collect due to international accreditation requirements, available at:
  • University of Zagreb survey (via the ISVU system) that FEB is obliged to collect due to the teaching quality assurance requirements by the University, available at: Studomat.

We're kindly asking the students to fill out both surveys.
To fill out a survey, students shall use their AAI academic identity and a device that can access the internet (phone, tablet, PC, etc.).

All surveys are confidential and totally anonymous to the teachers. Teachers will never get access to the information on the students that filled out a particular survey.

Via the app the students can:
  • Fill out surveys available to them
  • See all surveys they already filled out
  • Rate the app and give comments
  • Participate in collecting "points" by filling out the surveys

Further details on how to fill out a survey are available in the following presentation.

For more details on how to fill out a survey on Studomat click on the following link.