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EDMABA - The European Doctoral Programs Association in Management and Business Administration is an international non-profit association currently operating in 27 countries, with headquarter in Brussels, Belgium. EDAMBA's mission is to develop common ideas, values, assessment criteria, standards and practices for evaluating and improving the quality of doctoral study level education, through the exchange of experience and collaboration in a global network. EDAMBA members are dedicated to creating and sharing initiatives and achieving excellence while respecting and promoting collaboration, diversity and community building.

EDAMBA aims to develop and secure the highest standards in doctoral education in the fields of management and business studies by:
  • Providing a European and worldwide network for the exchange of information and discussion of ideas among doctoral directors, programs and schools
  • Developing, improving and promoting best practices through codes of conduct of the highest order.
  • Offering a global platform to facilitate collaborative efforts of our members and enable new initiatives in research and practice across borders.
  • Helping participating doctoral programs around the world to continuously improve quality and achieve excellence by building on a European tradition of collective dialogue to generate global reflections on diversity, social and humanistic aims, inculcation of intellectual capacities, personal sensibilities, and the public and moral responsibility of doctoral supervisors, students and graduates.​

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Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Zagreb with its doctoral study programs has been a member of the EDAMBA Association since 1999. Doctoral students are offered a range of benefits: lectures from top foreign and domestic university professors, attendance at summer schools within EDAMBA, attend seminars on research methods, stay at European universities - members of EDAMBA, exchange of doctoral students, choice foreign professors for mentors and commentators in the preparation of doctoral dissertations, participation in international doctoral workshops, strengthening of research cooperation, etc.