Education on the topic of "Solidarity Europe" within the EUsolis project

As part of the EUsolis (Solidary Europe for Inclusive Society) project, which is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program, Activities Jean Monnet, on February 3, 2023, the first education on the topic "Solidary Europe" was held in the Library and Documentation Center of the Faculty of Economics - Zagreb. The training was attended by 52 high school teachers, librarians, and experts in the field of upbringing, education and training from all over Croatia, which confirms the great interest in the EUsolis project.
At the very beginning, the welcome speech and introduction to education was given by Ana Rep, PhD. who also moderated the entire education. Afterwards, Brenda Maher, Matea Fumić and Daria Arlavi addressed the audience via the Google Meet platform from Brussels on behalf of the European Commission (Directorate-general Education, Youth, Sport and Culture (DG EAC)). They held lectures on "Jean Monnet Actions - opportunities for schools", which interested many attendees. After the presentation from the guests from Brussels, associate professor Kosjenka Dumančić, PhD., vice-dean for strategic partnerships and projects and coordinator of the EUsolis project, held a lecture on the topic "Why is the EU important - looking back at history as a foundation for the future". In the continuation of the event, associate professor Ivana Marić, PhD. gave a lecture on "Solidarity Economy", while the speech on "Solidarity Europe – data sources and initiatives at the EU level" was given by Marija Šimunović, professor and senior librarian.
At the very end of the education, the participants were presented with the goals of the project that need to be achieved by future activities, the time frame of these activities and the expectations from cooperating schools and other institutions. Also, participants have been invited to disseminate the project in their schools and libraries among high school students.
The EUsolis project members are grateful to all participants for their interest and enthusiasm during the education. They look forward to all future activities and reunions to spread EU values so that we all become active citizens of the EU.