Faculty of Economics & Business Zagreb, holder of the CSF project REPINPUBSEC

Within the "Program of Cooperation with Croatian Scientists in the Diaspora SCIENTIFIC COOPERATION", the Croatian Science Foundation approved the financing of the project CHALLENGES OF FINANCIAL AND NON-FINANCIAL REPORTING BY PUBLIC SECTOR ENTITIES IN THE CHANGING USER NEEDS ENVIRONMENT (acronym REPINPUBSEC).

The duration of the project is October 1, 2019 - May 31, 2023. The project holder is the Faculty of Economics & Business of the University of Zagreb, and the project leader is Prof. Vesna Vašiček, Ph.D.
The project seeks to unite scientific and professional potential in the homeland and the diaspora and seeks to achieve the following three goals:
1. types of research that are competitive at the international level,
2. types of research that create new values in the Croatian economy and
3. projects that help the development of research infrastructure in Croatia.

The possible contribution of the diaspora in the career development of young Croatian scientists and the transfer and application of new knowledge and technologies in Croatia is especially important.
Areas of research on the project are:
- Accounting and financial reporting of public sector units (PUs): how to respond to the challenge of changing and growing demands of information users? and
- Integrated reporting as a new challenge for PU units and response to the integrated thinking: aims to explore the possibilities of applying integrated reporting, which in addition to financial reporting includes non-financial reporting and represents a new challenge, but also great potential for use in PU units.
The project employs two doctoral students at the Department of Accounting, Faculty of Economics & Business of the University of Zagreb.

More information on project activities is available at the official project website (LINK)