Project Senior 2030

Within the European Social Fund in the financial period 2014-2020 and the published tender of the Thematic Network for Socio-Economic Development and the promotion of social dialogue in the context of improving working conditions in 2018, an application was made for the project SENIOR 2030 - THEMATIC NETWORK FOR ACTIVE AGING POLICY CROATIA. After the evaluation, the project was accepted for funding in the period from September 2020 - August 2023.
The beneficiary of the project is the National Pensioners’ Convention of Croatia, while the Faculty of Economics & Business - Zagreb is a partner institution in the implementation of the Project. The coordinator of the project implementation at the FEB ZG is Prof. Vesna Vašiček, Ph.D.
The project aims to develop long-term dialogue and strengthen cooperation between civil society organizations, local and regional self-government units, social partners, and higher education and scientific institutions with the aim of creating a stimulating environment and quality cooperation for the development of active aging policy in Croatia after 2020. Specifically, the project will develop through an active and comprehensive process the proposal of active aging policies with emphasis on the concept of "silver economy" in order to contribute to the overall social and economic development of the Republic of Croatia based on a structured analytical-consultative process at the local and national level.
The project has 6 elements: strengthening the partnership of civil society organizations and involving new members of the thematic network, conducting public opinion polls and examining the needs of society, conducting scientific research in the field of identified social change, developing guidelines for evidence-based public policy, conducting analysis the social impact of the proposed interventions, the implementation of structured dialogue of all stakeholders and decision-makers with accompanying publicity and visibility activities, and project administration and management. FEB ZG's cooperation with other project partners is in providing expertise through professional and scientific work of project associates, especially in the field of conducting public opinion polls, conducting scientific research, participation in the development of guidelines for policy development, and social impact analysis of the proposed guidelines of which it published scientific and professional papers.