The Croatian Science Foundation approved funding for the MULTIORGDUAL research project

The Croatian Science Foundation has completed the evaluation process of project proposals submitted to the "Research Projects" tender (IP-2020-02). Based on the results of the same-level evaluation and the final evaluation of the competent panel, the Board of Directors of the Foundation decided on financing five projects in the scientific field of economics. Among the positively evaluated and approved projects is the project proposal "Multilevel configuration of organizational design: understanding the duality between heterogeneity and homogeneity" (acronym MULTIORGDUAL) led by Tomislav Hernaus, Ph.D., Associate Professor at the Department of Organization and Management.
The main purpose of the four-year MULTIORGDUAL survey (2021-2025) is to identify and explain how and why there is a difference in performance due to the intertwined organizational dualities present at different levels of analysis. Specifically, it will be observed how to design dualities present at the job, team/department, and/or organization level as a system of creating multiple organizational configurations and to what extent these design options (ie duality architectures) represent an ideal profile, suboptimal or configurational equality.
A project team consisting of researchers with Croatian (Faculty of Economics, University of Zagreb and Faculty of Economics, University of Split) and foreign universities/business schools (Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Tilburg University, Edinburgh Business School, BI Norwegian Business School, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade) intends to identify multilevel patterns of organization design arising from different sources of organizational heterogeneity. Identifying specific sets of design features within individual levels, as well as between different performance impacts on performance at the operational level, will expand not only the theoretical knowledge and provide a better understanding of the impact of strategy on business performance, but also offer clear practical implications for managers. how to approach and solve the riddle of the meta-duality of heterogeneity-homogeneity within their organization.