Faculty of Economics & Business - Zagreb

Study trip to Brussels

The Representation of the European Commission in Croatia organized a study trip to Brussels in the period October 1 to 3, 2018.

Visiting group consisted of 37 persons from 7 educational institutions:
Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Zagreb
The First  Economic School, Zagreb
Archbishopric Classical Gymnasium, Zagreb
Industrial & Crafts School, Virovitica
Gymnasium & Vocational School Juraj Dobrila, Pazin
Economic School, Velika Gorica
Escorted by eight teachers and one school principal traveled 13 pupils (the winners of the Entrepreneurship Initiative Award) and 14 students (the winners in the english language presentations of the Organize Your Talk contest).

The trip coordinator was Ms. Zrinka Udiljak Bugarinovski, Head of the European Documentation Center of the Faculty of Economics & Business, Zagreb.

On behalf of the organizers, the European Commission in Brussels, the group was received and escorted by Ms. Antje Terhechte and Ms. Sarah Wiedenmann.

From the visit program ...
During a two-day visit to the European Commission, interesting lectures on the EU's political executive, industrial policy, the single market, the digital market, the EU's youth strategy, the future of Europe, the European economy and the monetary union, were given by Mr. Simon Pascoe from Directorate-General for Communication,  Mr. Grzegorz Drozd from Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, Ms. Neda Angelova iz Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology, Mr. Tomislav Horvat from Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, Ms. Aura Salla from European Political Strategy Center and Mr. Alexis Yamajako from Directorate-General Economic and Financial Affairs.

After the official program ...

City sightseeing and getting to know the cultural, political, tourist ... life of Brussels was left for the third day of the study trip.

Expression of Gratitude

On behalf of the whole group, this way we would like to express gratitude to the European Commission Representation in Croatia and the European Commission in Brussels, which has enabled us to make a study visit to this important center of the European Union, Ms. Antje Terhechte and Sarah Wiedenmann on a selfless and kind engagement during the visit to the European Commission and all our lecturers: Mr. Simone Pascoe, Mr. Grzegorze Drozd, Ms. Neda Angelova, Mr. Tomislav Horvat, Ms. Aura Salla and Mr. Alexis Yamajako.
As a travel coordinator, I would like personally to thank to the leaders of groups and teachers: Mr. Zoran Kozjak, Ms. Marija Mohar, Ms. Marina Čubrić, Ms.Ljuba Duvnjak, Ms. Romana Rusek, Ms. Tatjana Močibob, Ms. Sanja Prodan, Ms. Iva Planišek Cicar and Ms. Višnja Kabalin Borenić.
And finally, it is especially my pleasure to express my appreciation and gratitude to all pupils and students for the excellent cooperation!
Zrinka Udiljak Bugarinovski
Coordinator of the trip