Faculty of Economics & Business - Zagreb

Project: Adaptation of materials for blind and partially sighted students VII

With the financial support of the Ministry of Science and Education and the project holder Association IMAGINE (ZAMISLI), , another cycle of the materials adaptation project for blind and partially sighted students was completed on 28th of February 2021
The aim of the project is to provide visually impaired students with the opportunity to study on an equal footing, ie to provide them with access to all the materials they need during their studies.
The seventh Materials Adaptation for Blind and Visually Impaired Students project was implemented in cooperation with several partners: Faculty of Organization and Informatics, University of Rijeka, Faculty of Political Science Zagreb, Faculty of Economics and Business Zagreb and University of Applied Medical Sciences Zagreb. In this project, materials were adapted for 9 blind and partially sighted students, one of whom is a student of  our Faculty.
The project coordinator at FEB Zagreb in all seven cycles was Zrinka Udiljak Bugarinovski.