Faculty of Economics & Business - Zagreb

Discussion with students at the Faculty of Economics and Business - Zagreb: Climate change and the environment

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The Representation of the European Commission in Croatia and the European Documentation Center at the Faculty of Economics and Business - Zagreb are organizing a discussion with students of FEB Zagreb.
Time: Thursday, Oct 28 from 10:00 to 11:30
Place: Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb, Library and Documentation Centre / European Documentation Centre
The Conference on the Future of Europe is a unique opportunity for European citizens to discuss Europe's challenges and priorities. The objective is to involve citizens of all ages and profiles, and especially young people, to be actively involved in thinking about the future of the EU, to make it clear what kind of European Union they want to live in, what they want to change and how. The conference allows millions of citizens to discuss together with their elected representatives at all levels, whether at the local, regional, national or European level. Together they can discuss the future European Union in which they want to live and work.
The European Commission has submitted an official proposal to declare 2022 the European Year of Youth. Young people are at the center of EU policies and political priorities, whether it is in the field of climate, social issues or digitalization, so on the occasion of this event we want to find out what young people think about the given topic.
The topic of the conference in Zagreb is climate change and the environment. Participants will express their views on what Europe's future should be in terms of combating climate change and how to achieve the sustainability of our social and economic model. It will also be an opportunity to discuss existing European policies in this area, in particular the European Green Agenda and the effects of the recovery efforts currently under way as Europe emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic.
The participants of the event will be briefly addressed by Mr. Ognjen Zlatev, Head of the Representation of the European Commission in Croatia and prof. dr. sc. Jurica Pavičić, Dean of the Faculty of Economics - Zagreb.
In the presence of Assoc. dr. sc. Tomislav Gela, lecturer in energy and energy markets and vice dean for students, teaching and digitalization, Assoc. dr. sc. Božidar Jaković, students of the Faculty of Economics - Zagreb will participate in the discussion, which will be joined by students of secondary schools of economics in the City of Zagreb.
The moderator of the event will be Branko Baričević, former head of the European Commission Representation in Croatia.

  • exploring young people's thoughts on combating climate change and achieving the sustainability of our social and economic model
  • discussing student's thoughts about existing European policies on climate change and the environment ("green deal")
  • offering guidelines to the youth on combating climate change and a sustainable social and economic model
The workshop will be organized for a target group of participants in accordance with epidemiological measures.
Adherence to epidemiological measures (mask and social distance) is mandatory during the event.