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Types of exercises you can expect.

Business English I & II
Topics, texts and sources: Relevant information on the topics, texts and sources we are using can be found in Resource Bank I (for BE1, pp 1-4) and Resource Bank II (for BE2 - you can download the material from the course website). Students are expected to join respective Google Classrooms where additional materials will be published. (classroom codes will be provided when classes start in the summer semester)

Written homework assignments and assignments set through the Google Classroom are obligatory. Only students who submit all of the given assignments (handwritten / through Google Classroom) will be able to take progress tests.

Homework assignments will only be considered if submitted regularly (within 7 days or by the deadline).

Full-time students who do not submit their assignments regularly will have to submit all of the assignments (handwritten) to qualify for the teacher's signature. Students are advised to submit the late assignments in time for them to be corrected before the examination day they have applied for.


Reading, and Note-taking / note-making - examples of student notes with teacher's comments
Mind mapping
Presentations (talks on PPT misusage: Terri Sjodin & Don MacMillan)
Paragraphing (linking words) Examples of pgs. from R, p 69 (student work)
Business Correspondence