Business Foreign Languages


In the contemporary business environment foreign language skills are a prerequisite for the success of business people and organisations. Media, especially the Internet, offer a wealth of information available only to people with foreign language skills.

The aim of this department is to develop communication skills in English, French, German, Spanish or Italian necessary for future business and academic careers.

We enhance students' writing and speaking skills through various teaching materials (texts for reading or listening comprehension, video material, websites, music and pictures) dealing with contemporary issues from the field of business and economics. We teach reading and listening strategies as well as structures used in conversation, meetings, negotiations, discussions, presentations etc. Classes are interactive and require regular attendance and full participation.

The courses are tailored to the needs of future business people who need to be informed about economic issues and current events in business and politics. Learning business languages, thus, enhances students' awareness of cultural differences.

Students are encouraged to read business magazines and books in order to be ready for the labour market where confidence in foreign languages contributes to increased competitiveness, mobility and independent performance.

Business English and Business German are compulsory in the first year and elective foreign business language courses are offered in senior years at undergraduate and graduate levels.

Apart from teaching, our department members publish textbooks, dictionaries, papers and translations, participate in international projects, professional associations and conferences. They cooperate with various cultural institutions: