Faculty of Economics & Business - Zagreb

Application process

This page explains the application procedure for students that wish to take part in the Bachelor Degree in Economics or Bachelor Degree in Business programme for the entire study period (4 years).  

If you are an international exchange student (e.g. Erasmus) who wishes only to take part in one or more courses in BDiE and/or BDiB, you must apply through the International Office.

How to apply? 

If you are an international student coming from abroad there are steps you need to make before officially applying.The document explaining all the necessary steps that foreign students need to make in order to enroll in BDiE or BDiB can be found here. If you need further assistance, please send an email to student.office@efzg.hr.

Applicants that have completed or will complete secondary education in the Republic of Croatia must apply to the National Information and Application System for Higher Education (NISpVU).

Applicants that have completed secondary education abroad should visit this link. Click "Eng" in the top-right corner for English language.

On the www.postani-student.hr website, both Croatian and foreign students should apply to the study program titled "Bachelor Degree in Economics" or "Bachelor Degree in Business".

If you are a foreign student, you need to apply as a full-time student, by choosing "redovni preddiplomski sveučilišni studij".

Croatian citizens can apply as full-time students by choosing "redovni preddiplomski sveučilišni studij", but also as part-time students by choosing "izvanredni preddiplomski sveučilišni studij".

Deadline for the registration and application for the summer registration term is around July 10 of each given year. Do not wait until the last moment, you are always free to change the ordering of study programs you applied for before the deadline.
Currently the website is only in Croatian, but the English version with full instructions in English language should be available soon.

If you have any questions, problems or issues regarding the application process, feel free to contact the Central Application Office at applications@azvo.hr.

Central Application Office (Središnji prijavni ured),
Donje Svetice 38
10 000 Zagreb
Phone: +385 1 6274 844
E-mail: applications@azvo.hr

Application results 

Usually within a week after the application deadline has passed, you will be notified by the Agency for science and higher education (who runs the www.postani-student.hr website) about your position in the ranking list and whether you are accepted to our study program. If you are accepted, you need to officially enroll in our BDiE or BDiB study programmes, which will be explained in the next step.


During the same week, there will be a notice on the Faculty of Economics & Business - Zagreb website (https://www.efzg.unizg.hr/en) about the enrollment procedure and timetable of student registrations for the first year of study. There you will find out when and where you need to come and what documents you need to bring to officially register.
The exact date of enrollment and registration changes every year, but usually it is around July 20 for the summer registration term and around September 20 for the fall registration term. Bear in mind that the period between the notification regarding your acceptance and the date of enrollment is very short. For the enrollment and registration, you need to be at the Faculty offices in person.
You need to pay the tuition fee before you register, which amounts to 5000,00 Euros. Students are obliged to enclose evidence of payments when registering (receipt must be verified by the bank, while for the online payments the printed bank confirmation is sufficient).

Before enrolling, candidates coming from abroad also need to obtain their Personal Indentification Number or PIN (OIB) issued by the Tax Administration of the Croatian Ministry of Finance. The procedure of obtaining PIN (OIB) can be found here.

Keep in mind

The entire application and enrollment procedure is entirely under the authority of the National Information and Application System for Higher Education (NISpVU), National Centre for External Evaluation of Education, Agency for Science and Higher Education (www.studij.hr and www.azvo.hr/preglednik) and Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia.

The Faculty of Economics & Business University of Zagreb does not exert any influence on any part of the procedure.


Tuition fee for one academic year is 5000 EUR. 

Grading system

Croatian higher education system grades students according to the following scale:
5 - excellent
4 - very good
3 - good
2 - sufficient
1 - insufficient

The highest obtainable GPA is 5.0