Trade and International Business

«Cicero once said: Merchants are the strength of a state, and by that he meant good, skilled and educated merchants. That is why Aristotle wanted trade to be one of the main and necessary attributes of the state. Unless it is twisted and corrupt, it is a source that many other skills depend on.»
B. Kotruljević: On Trade and the Perfect Merchant, 1458.

Department provides students with knowledge necessary for jobs in domestic and international trade, service industry and manufacturing. Courses taught by our department members study entrepreneurship and trade management within Croatian economy, and its activities within international trade. In the 3rd and 4th year, the department offers courses in domestic and international trade, while Master students majoring in Trade learn about contemporary ways of business administration in trade. Some of courses are available in English language within Bachelor Degree in Business Programme (BDiB) and Master level is fully taught both in Croatian and English language.

Postgraduate study programme Quality Management offers courses that deal with quality management in contemporary business environment according to international norms, and postgraduate study programme Trade Management provides students with knowledge and skills necessary for efficient management in corporate trade sectors.

The department also participates in professional degree programme Trade. Students of this programme acquire knowledge and skills necessary for contemporary and practical operative management of commercial and other similar businesses in domestic and international exchange of goods, services, capital and human resources.

A significant number of teachers is involved in postgraduate doctoral studies in Economics and global security (leader Tonći Lazibat, PhD). A part of teachers participates in the postgraduate doctoral studies in Economics and Business Economics

On the occasion of 90th annyversary of Faculty of Economics & Business - Zagreb, Department had organized a conference: CHALLENGES OF TRADE IN RECESSION (in Croatian: IZAZOVI TRGOVINE U RECESIJI) which has grown into an annual international scientific conference TRADE PERSPECTIVES.

Our department members permanently work on their expertise, do various research projects, cooperate with scientists and institutions in Croatia and abroad, publish books, textbooks and papers in the field of domestic and international trade.