Faculty of Economics & Business - Zagreb

The third LTT activity successfully held within the DIGI4Teach project

The third activity of learning, teaching and training was successfully organized within the strategic partnership project co-financed by the Erasmus + program entitled "Challenges and practices of teaching economic disciplines in the era of digitalization" - DIGI4Teach. An activity called Short-term joint staff training - Finance (LTTA C4) was held at the University of Belgrade - Faculty of Economics and Business, Serbia, in the period 24-26 May 2022. A total of 16 representatives of partner institutions participated in LTTA C4, along with the members of the host University.

The first day of LTTA C4 began with official greetings and speeches by representatives of the University of Belgrade - Faculty of Economics and Business: Branislav Boričić, PhD (Vice Rector for Research at the University of Belgrade) and Žaklina Stojanović, PhD (Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business). The first lecture entitled "Internationalization and digitalization of teaching and research at higher education institutions" was given by the Vice Dean for Finance and International Cooperation of the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Belgrade, as well as the local DIGI4Teach Project Manager, Saša Ranđelović, PhD.

After the introductory lecture, the participants presented their institutions (schools/universities/faculties) and shared their teaching experiences in the field of finance with the use of digital tools (representatives of the project coordinator - University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics and Business: Nikolina Dečman, PhD, Danijela Ferjanić Hodak, PhD, Marina Ercegović, PhD and Ivana Barišić PhD; representative of Stiftung Fachhochschule Osnabrueck: Gunther Meeh-Bunse, PhD and representatives of Cracow University of Economics: Adam Michalik, PhD and Krystian Bigos, PhD, representatives of the First School of Economics Zagreb: Zorica Hrgovčić, MA and Nataša Kozić Marjanović, MA; representatives of the Second School of Economics Zagreb: Ivana Virovac Bilandžija, MA, Ivana Brnada, MA and Petra Bručić Barić, MA; representatives of the Third School of Economics Zagreb: Jana Staroveški, MA and Marija Aračić, MA; representatives of Samobor School of Commerce and Catering: Blankica Odak, MA and Sanja Domotorffy, MA). Lecturer from the host university, Emilija Manić, PhD gave the second lecture on the topic “Exchange of digital teaching know-how between higher universities and secondary schools”. The third lecture on "Digitization of teaching using Moodle and CESIM simulations" was given by the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Belgrade, prof. Žaklina Stojanović. LTTA C4 hosts managed to offer licenses for the CESIM business simulation and participants had the opportunity to directly access the simulation platform and to get acquainted with the opportunities that this platform provides in the implementation of practical training and teaching.  CESIM platform is used as an example of the business simulation game inspirable both for students and teachers to share the knowledge on business decision making process through the digital tool. The afternoon part of the program included lectures by lecturers from the host University: PhD Velimir Lukić "Using enterprise resource planning software (SAP) in teaching finance" and PhD Dragana Draganac "Technology-enhanced teaching in behavioural finance". Each lecture and presentation were followed by an exciting session of questions and answers as well as discussions between participants and presenters.

The second day began with a lecture by PhD Nikola Njegovan (University of Belgrade - Faculty of Economics and Business), on "Enhancing teaching and learning experience using digital tools", after which the hosts took participants on a tour of the campus and presented organizational units that represent examples of good practice in digitalization of work and teaching process: Library, Start-up center, EKOF Business Lab and Creative Center, as well as IT classrooms and computer laboratories. The tour of the campus was led by representatives of the host University: Mladen Stamenković, PhD (Vice Dean for Science), Svetozar Tanasković, PhD and Nenad Stajić, MSc. After a short break, there was a lecture by representatives of secondary economic schools in Serbia: Biljana Urošević, MA, Fifth School of Economics in Belgrade and Marija Urošević, MA, High School in Kruševac on "Digitalization of teaching economics, business and finance - secondary school perspective".

The second day ended with a study visit to the Science and Technology Park Belgrade, where the participants had a great opportunity to gain insight into ways to encourage entrepreneurship among students.
The last day of the activity consisted of two parts. The first part included a tour of the central part of Belgrade and a visit to the "Nikola Tesla" Museum. The second part was a training on "Using digital platforms in teaching financial markets" moderated by Irena Jankovic, PhD followed by a lecture "Digital transformation, supervision of the financial system and the impact on teaching finance" held by the Vice Governor of the National Bank of Serbia Dragana Stanic. At the end of the program, "Price Waterhouse Coopers" representative Vladislav Cvetković and a young fellow student from the Massachusetts Institute for Technology, Dušan Cvetković, gave a lecture "Key digital competencies for successful career in finance - employers' and students' perspective".

After the working part of the training, the participants exchanged opinions on LTTA C4 and were awarded certificates of participation. During this three-day training, an informal discussion was encouraged, which resulted in strengthening cooperation among project members. Training and social activities during LTTA C4 were very well balanced. The training participants pointed out that with this training they gained many new insights and experiences, which certainly enriched their professional knowledge and improved their digital skills, which they will be more than happy to apply in the teaching process. The organization was excellent, with a lot of activities and presentations of eminent lecturers relevant to the topic of digitalization in the field of finance. Therefore, the greatest credit for the successful organization of the LTTA C4 training goes to Saša Ranđelovic, PhD and his entire team.
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