Faculty of Economics & Business - Zagreb

Notice to students affected by the crisis

Dear students,
We wish you all the best in the new year 2021. Unfortunately, several extraordinary circumstances, including recent earthquakes, mark your academic years. Although the earthquakes affected many of our students and employees in various ways, according to the information we have, no one was injured.
In such difficult circumstances, we are especially proud of all our students and employees who, this time as well, have been actively involved in helping those in need in various ways.
As always, all Faculty employees are available to students - especially in such extraordinary circumstances. Since everyone deals with the consequences of these difficult situations in his own individual way, we invite you to contact your teachers and student services without hesitation if you have any questions related to your studies. Assoc. Prof. Božidar Jaković, Ph.D.  the Vice-dean in charge of students and teaching, is also at your disposal - at bjakovic@efzg.hr.
I am sure that we will find the best possible approach to each student individually and overcome all adversity together - and that, even in these extremely difficult moments, you will achieve the maximum from your student life.
Best regards,
Prof. Jurica Pavičić, Ph.D.