Faculty of Economics & Business - Zagreb


Based on the Decision on the award of financial support for project proposals under the Call for Project Proposals for 2020 for the Erasmus + program (Key Activity 2 for higher education), the EU Agency for Mobility and Programs accepted funding for the Strategic Partnership in Higher Education project entitled "Flexibility and Resilience in Digital Transformation and Intelligent Automation - Advanced Skills and Tools for Academia and Entrepreneurs "(acronym: FOReSiGHT). The Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Zagreb is a partner in the project, and the project is headed by the Assist. Prof. Sanja Franc, Ph.D.
A total of six European partners will take part in the project activities. The project leader is the Faculty of Economics in Bucharest (Academia de studii Economice din Bucuresti). Other partners are non-governmental organizations, small and medium enterprises, and higher education institutions from Europe, more precisely from Romania (Zitec com SRL and Asociatia Institutul de Prospectiva), Italy (Universita degli studi di Roma la Sapienza), Belgium (Laconseil), Germany (Escp Europe). Wirtschaftshochschule Berlin EV), and Croatia (Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Zagreb).