Faculty of Economics & Business - Zagreb

Education "Banking Academy"

From July 4 to 8,  2022, the Faculty of Economics & Business of the University of Zagreb will host the "Banking Academy" education. The education is highly professional, free for all registered students, and there is a possibility of recognizing ECTS credits for students.
The academy is intended for final year students of economics, law, electrical engineering, information and mathematics, and related faculties in the Republic of Croatia and abroad with more pronounced preferences in the field of finance and banking and junior positions in banking, finance, and IT sector.
The academy aims to create and increase skills and knowledge in the field of banking and popularize the profession of financial professionals. Experienced professionals from the banking and information sector will take part in giving lessons at the Banking Academy, covering specific and current topics in banking.

Registrations to the academy are possible until June 15, 2022, via the link https://forms.gle/b2hzBpchFP6fdqHc6

The first Banking Academy took part in July 2021, and the participants were very satisfied with the quality of education. For more information, please, see at 
We are looking forward to your applications and education.
Organizers of the Banking Academy