Krunoslav Puljić, PhD

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Krunoslav Puljić, PhD
Name and surname
Krunoslav Puljić
B 507
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  • Due to the situation with the Corona virus, office hours will be held through the Google Hangouts Meet app and your account. Send an email for an appointment.

Linear programming and Game Theory

  • Elective course; Summer semester; BDiB
  • You always wanted to learn how to program using different programming languages? Well, for that matter, this is not a course for you :)
  • You would like to find optimal production plan, maximize profit, minimize expenses etc.? You're in the right place :)
  • You thought you will never need matrices again? You thought that Gauss-Jordan transformations are useful only for "making it easier" to fail an Mathematics exam? Does it make sense? :)
  • You need a concrete example? Take a look...
  • For more information send me an email
  • Classes will be held on Wednesdays, 12:15, room 33