Conference theme

Conference title and theme: 2020 EMAC Regional Conference "Challenging the status quo in marketing research" 

In the advent of new technologies that have (re)shaped our world in the past several decades, doing marketing research has become more exciting, but also more challenging than ever. Today, there is no area of marketing that has not been affected by technology; from the evolving landscape of martech; the role of technology in mapping the consumer journey and the consumer decision-making process; the rise of multi-sided platforms and omnichannel marketing; big data and prescriptive analytics; artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality to strategic and ethical implications and challenges such developments bring. 
As technological advances call for more interdisciplinarity and collaboration in marketing research, we invite papers that challenge the status quo in marketing research in the transitional markets of the New Europe. This includes papers on a wide variety of topics such as: marketing management, brand management, strategic marketing, buying behavior, digital and interactive marketing, B-2-B marketing, ethics and corporate social responsibility.

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