BBS - Mr. Đuro Kolar (Monash University, Melbourne)

We invite you to the 29th and also the 4th online Brown Bag Seminar which will take place on Thursday, Sept. 17, 2020, starting at 2 pm via the Google Meet app. The cycle of the Brown Bag Seminars will be continued by Mr. Đuro Kolar (Monash University, Melbourne), who will present the work "Governing the Dark Dyad of Megaproject Reality: Case Study of a Mega Public Sector Program of Projects".
To access the Brown Bag Seminar you need at to click on "Join the meeting or start it", and enter "brownbagseminar" in the space provided.

Summary of the presentation:

Some politicians are narcissistically ambitious and find the decision to implement mega public sector projects irresistible. They generate symbolic emotions to be seen as ‘emperors,’ gods, or goddesses. However, the means to achieve such a megaproject reputational legacy is difficult. It is plagued with a Machiavellianism and tribalism world constituting a dark relationship dyad of megaproject benefit reality and ruthless political power. This tends to cause an eerie death to megaprojects—that is, failure to achieve most of their strategies and public good benefits. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the dark side of megaproject reality and suggest an effective governance mechanism to successfully achieve the megaproject’s public good strategies and benefits. A case study was conducted on Australia's largest infrastructure program in history, the AU $14.7 billion Building the Education Revolution program. The results indicate that situational-based project governance mechanisms are essential in minimizing the effects of the dark relationship dyad in megaproject policies. Politicians can then make rational decisions and rightfully claim the image as an ‘emperor'.

Mr. Đuro Kolar is a lecturer at Monash University (Melbourne, Australia) and the founder and partner at Boom Project Partners. He received his Ph.D. in 2017 from RMIT University (Melbourne, Australia), and his area of ​​research is the management of large infrastructural projects.

Description of the Brown Bag Seminar concept:
The Brown Bag Seminar (BBS) is an informal one-hour workshop with aim of presenting research in different stages of design (ideas, rounded theoretical framework, conducted empirical research, etc.), promoting discussion and creating a stimulating environment focused on the constructive discussion between exhibitors and the rest of participants of the seminar. The basic idea of the BBS is to create a platform where at least once a month, the FEB ZG employees will have the opportunity to present the ideas and articles they work on within their scientific-research work. We invite you to respond and help with your constructive comments to exhibitors and expose by yourself the topics you are currently working on, unpublished works or present the research ideas you are thinking about.
The idea is that presentations (in English or Croatian - depending on the presenter's preference) last for 30-40 minutes, and is followed by a discussion.