Bachelor Degree in Economics

Bachelor Degree in Economics (BDiE) is a 4-year undergraduate study program taught fully in English. The study program includes 240 ECTS. By graduating from this program, students acquire the title of Bachelor of Economics (univ. bacc. oec.).

Why should I enroll?
  • Because we make sure you get a wide range of knowledge needed in the field of economics for the job market.
  • Because this program will enable you to understand everyday economic trends.
  • Because labor market is in need of young professionals with a degree in economics.

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Who can apply? 
The program is open to Croatian and international applicants. International exchange students can choose courses from different study years, regardless of their study year at the home university. Croatian students who take courses in Croatian-taught programmes can choose one or two courses from English-taught programmes only if they correspond to the study year they are enrolled in.

What is the duration of the study? 
Standard period of study is 4 academic years (8 semesters).

When do the classes begin? 
Beginning of the classes: September 26, 2022 or October 3, 2022 (awaiting confirmation)

How can I apply? 
The full details on the application process are available in English and in Croatian language.

What is the tuition fee? 
Tuition fee for one academic year is 28,000.00 HRK, which amounts to approximately 3,700.00 Euros.

Where is the enrollment office? 
Office 5, ground floor.
What is the enrollment fee? 
Candidates for enrollment have to pay additional 500.00 HRK as enrollment fee, which amounts to approximately 66.00 Euros.

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