Faculty of Economics & Business - Zagreb


Dear students,
We are honored and pleased to present the cooperation of our faculty with EFMD Global Virtual Fairs by Highered and to point out that this year our Faculty is also participating in this international fair.
It is an international virtual fair that allows you to interact in real-time, with a one-on-one conversation with recruiters from leading companies and organizations from around the world. In addition, you have the opportunity to gain experience in how to behave adequately in interviews, get your name and profile on over 200 companies around the world, participate in presentations, and participate in the "Elevator Pitch".

The EFMD Global Virtual Fairs take place from October 11-15. The event will have several trade fairs for individual sectors, profiles, and geographically specific events.
All you have to do is log in with your AAI account at the link https://efzg.gethighered.global/vevents
Once you sign up, you need to verify your email and after that, you are ready for work!
On the portal, in addition to participating in this international fair, you can also use job search opportunities, professional internships, and internships around the world, as well as solve tests in the "Assessments" section and get a career report of as many as 17 pages.
You can find all the information on the portal, on the website of the Counselling and Career Development Office (CCDO), and on the Facebook page of the Counselling and Career Development Office.
You can prepare by uploading your resume to the platform (part of "My page"), but also by watching the video "Build your career portfolio with Highered" to better understand how the platform works.
Counselling and Career Development Office (CCDO)