Additional information

Who is the MDIE study program intended for?

Master Degree in Economics (MDIE) study program corresponds to the program of the most prestigious schools and universities in Europe and the United States. Within it, the students take a deep dive into theoretical and practical aspects of a more complex economic analysis. As such, it is intended for students who have completed undergraduate university studies in Economics, but it is also intended for students who have a Business degree, interested in the analytical deepening of their knowledge. 

What are the learning outcomes of this program?

By earning a Master degree in economics, students acquire the knowledge required for advanced analysis and insight into macro- and microeconomic aspects of an economy. High quality macroeconomic knowledge has particular significance in the designing of effective economic policies in the globally integrated economic environment. Specialization in economic analysis enables students to acquire knowledge in the area of ​​qualitative and quantitative analysis, and advanced knowledge of econometric and mathematical methods and models.

What are the comparative advantages of MDIE?

A significant advantage of the MDIE study program is a more direct contact with professors and teaching assistants through work in small lecture and seminar groups. In addition to classical methods of teaching, we implement and encourage team work while analyzing specific economic developments and trends in Europe and the world. We pay attention to the personal interests of our students. The work in seminar groups is expanded with the topics that are especially interesting to our students. Since we implement small groups in our study program, course instructors have a more direct insight into the work and progress of students, which results in better learning outcomes.
In practice, our students are often selected for the public and private scholarship programs funded by large corporations, banks, government and state agencies. According to the statistics of the Croatian Employment Bureau, students who earn our master degree are easily employable in key institutions of the public and private sector.

What about my employment opportunities?

By completing the Master Degree in Economics, students are qualified to work on analysing and modelling of national economic policies, complex economic systems. They can also work as financial experts, planners and specialists for economic policy at various branches of the economy (industry, agriculture, trade, etc.), as specialists in tourism, international trade, international finance and economic diplomacy, and the public sector (energy, education, health, regional and urban development).