About us

The tasks of EDC-LDC are to:

  • promote and develop study and research activities in the field of European integrationt
  • process, catalogue and index all EU publications in a unique collection and ensure their availability during working hours of the Library and Documentation Centre
  • enable the public to access information and resources about the European Union and its policies, especially in the academic environment
  • regularly update and enable browsing and searching for relevant information on European integration through a single interface within the website of the Library and Documentation Centre
  • organize occasional events within the EDC in cooperation with the European Commission Representation in Croatia
  • participate in EU discussions and cooperate with other European information services and networks in dissemination of information
  • establish relationships and cooperation with other European Information Centres and networks
  • participate in general information actions on the EU conducted by the European Commission
  • collaborate with the Representation Office in Croatia on issues of common interest

EDC-LDC timeline

EDC-LDC employees

Employees of EDC-LDC (left to right): Zrinka Udiljak Bugarinovski, Marija Šimunović, Đurđica Marinović, Davorka Jukica, Ivana Bacan and Maja Panian-Selimić

About the EDC network in Europe and the Republic of Croatia

Europe Direct is an information network of the European Union spread across all 28 EU Member States. The network includes:
  1. European Documentation Centre (EDC) - there are over 400 EDCs in the European Union, 6 of them in Croatia – link.
  2. Europe Direct Service Information Centre (EDIC) - there are about 500 EDICs in the European Union, 13 of them in Croatia - link.
  3. Team Europe - a network of independent experts whose goal is to spread EU information. There are over 400 experts in the European Union.
Except EDC-LDC at the Faculty of Economics & Business - Zagreb, there are five other EDCs in Croatia:
 +385 1 4564 314
 +385 1 4877 465
 +385 51 359 696
  +385 31 224 552