34th BBS - Prof. Jasmina Dlačić, Ph.D.

We are glad to invite you to the 34th (and 9th online) Brown Bag Seminar, which will take place on Tuesday,  April 27, 2021, starting at 2 pm via the Zoom app. For access to the Brown Bag Seminar use the link https://zoom.us/j/96015391428  (Meeting ID: 960 1539 1428).
The cycle of the Brown Bag Seminars will be continued by the presentation of Prof. Jasmina Dlačić, Ph.D. (Faculty of Economics, University of Rijeka), who will present the work „The role of market mavens in co-creating tourist experiences and increasing loyalty to service providers" co-authored by Assoc. Prof. Dino Lončarić and Assist. Prof. Marina Perišić Prodan.

Summary of the presentations:
The purpose of this paper is to explain the role of market mavens in the tourism sector and to explore the importance of creating a tourism experience in increasing loyalty to service providers. The survey was conducted on a sample of 425 Croatian citizens who have traveled at least once in the last year. Two hypotheses were set that were empirically tested using the method of modeling structural equations with least squares (PLS-SEM). The research confirms that market mavens are motivated to share tourist experiences and engage in creating a tourist experience. It also proves that if the market maven co-creating a tourism experience with tourism professionals is more likely to seek to work with the same experience provider, hence showing loyalty. The paper contributes to the development of knowledge about consumer behavior in tourism with an emphasis on the role of market maven in creating a tourist experience. The scientific contribution lies in testing the impact of market maven in co-creating the tourism experience and loyalty to the service provider. The paper also highlights the implications for tourism service providers. Learning about the impact of market maven in the process of creating a tourism experience can help service providers engage more with these individuals to increase their loyalty.

About the presenter:
Ms. Jasmina Dlačić is an Assoc. Prof. in the field of marketing and leadership of the Postgraduate Specialist Study of Marketing Management at the Faculty of Economics, University of Rijeka. She holds a Ph.D. from the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Research interest links to the creation of value in services, relationship marketing, and environmental consumer behavior. She has published papers in the British Food Journal, a journal for business research, economic research, and total quality management and business excellence.
Description of the Brown Bag Seminar concept:
The Brown Bag Seminar (BBS) is an informal one-hour workshop with aim of presenting research in different stages of design (ideas, rounded theoretical framework, conducted empirical research, etc.), promoting discussion and creating a stimulating environment focused on the constructive discussion between exhibitors and the rest of participants of the seminar. The basic idea of the BBS is to create a platform where at least once a month, the FEB ZG employees will have the opportunity to present the ideas and articles they work on within their scientific research work. We invite you to respond and help with your constructive comments to exhibitors and expose by yourself the topics you are currently working on, unpublished works or present the research ideas you are thinking about.
The idea is that presentations (in English or Croatian - depending on the presenter's preference) last for 30-40 minutes, and is followed by a discussion. 
On behalf of the organizers,
Ms. Tanja Komarac, Ph.D.,
Postdoctoral student
Department of Marketing,
Faculty of Economics  & Business