Faculty of Economics & Business - Zagreb

Workshop "Storytelling and Movie Education Workshop"

From 8th November 2021 till 10th November 2021 in Szeged (Hungary), at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Szeged, a workshop "STORYTELLING AND MOVIE EDUCATION WORKSHOP“ took place. The workshop was devoted to the design and use of stories and the production and use of educational movies in teaching. The workshop is an activity within the CENETSIE project (Central European Network for Sustainable and Innovative Economy). Blaženka Knežević, PhD and Nataša Kurnoga, PhD attended the workshop.

Trainers presented and discussed practices and experiences of applying these methods of education at partner institutions of the project. In addition, a short visit was organized to laboratories for video materials production and to the location of the Student television in Szeged. Moreover, there was a practical training for working in a specialized software for editing and preparing teaching videos (DaVinci Resolve Studio).

At the end of the workshop, the opening of the project-provided student competition for the production of educational films on topics of innovation and sustainability was announced. The competition will be open from January to May 2022. All students of the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb (which is a partner institution in the CENETSIE project) will be eligible to participate in the competition. Competition proposals and a list of awards will be available in January 2022 on the website of our Faculty.

The CENETSIE project is funded by NAWA - Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange, and involves eight Central and Eastern European universities. More information about the project is available at: http://cenetsie.ue.poznan.pl/ .