Faculty of Economics & Business - Zagreb

Workshop on Research on Sustainability - University of Economics and Business in Prague, Czech Republic, 24-25.05.2022

From May 24 to May 25, 2022, as the part of the Central European Network for Sustainable and Innovative Economy projectCENETSIE (http://cenetsie.ue.poznan.pl/), professors and PhD students participated in the workshop dedicated to research on Sustainability, organized by the University of Economics and Business in Prague. From University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics and Business, participants were Blaženka Knežević, PhD (as a coordinator of activities in Croatia); Ivana Marić, PhD; and Jelena Kovač, PhD candidate.
The workshop was an opportunity to sum up so far implemented tasks connected with sustainability and research in that area and discuss plans of collaborative research and works for the future. Researchers shared experiences and developing research topics in such areas as:
  • sustainable consumption (SC) and its macro- and microeconomic effects, 
  • corporate social responsibility (CSR), 
  • sharing economy, sustainable economy, 
  • social responsibility accounting, social accounting, integrated reporting, accounting     4.0, tax tools for supporting sustainable development (SD), 
  • ethical and unethical behavior of buyers, 
  • financial management in a sustainable economy, 
  • the use of cryptocurrencies and sustainable development, 
  • sustainable development in a global, regional and local perspective.
The PhD students presented their plans for doctoral research or finished phases of their doctoral projects and they got comments and suggestions for their future work from professors of 6 Universities and from their colleagues doing PhD thesis in the field of sustainability.
Another topic discussed during the workshop was connected with the ongoing movie competition. The purpose of the competition is to encourage students from all partnering universities (also PhD students) to create short movie on Sustainable Development / Sustainability / Innovations. The competitions started on January 1st and the deadline for video submission is June 15th. More information about this competition is available here.