Faculty of Economics & Business - Zagreb

TPM - Conclusion Meeting held within the DIGI4Teach project

The University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics & Business is the coordinator of the Erasmus+ strategic partnership project for the exchange of good practices entitled "Challenges and practices of teaching economic disciplines in era of digitalization" (DIGI4Teach).  The project is carried out in cooperation with 8 higher and secondary school partner institutions from Croatia, Germany, Poland and Serbia.
In the period from February 28 to March 1, 2023, a transnational project meeting "Conclusion meeting" was held at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Belgrade, which is one of the partners in the project. On the first day, after the welcoming speech of the host institution and the project manager, a report on the progress of the project was given, the key achievements of the project were analyzed, as well as the challenges that partners encountered during the project. The main output of this project, in addition to improving the digital skills of teachers, is the creation of a handbook that includes, among others, case studies from the field of economics that were prepared with the application of various digital tools. Since the project is in its final phase, the dissemination plan of the project activities was analyzed in order to make the project results available to the general public. The second day of the meeting was devoted to analysing the activities of the Quality Management Committee, and the activities and responsibilities related to preparing the Final Report were assigned. Of course, ensuring the sustainability of the project as well as the continuation of our cooperation was also discussed, especially because a particularly beautiful connection was created within DIGI4Teach partnership.
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More information is available at: https://digi4teach.net.efzg.hr/dissemination/transnational-meetings