Faculty of Economics & Business - Zagreb

The Project FEB ZG Humanitarian

The Project FEB ZG Humanitarian is a new project at the Faculty of Economics & Business that aims to promote humanitarian work and reward students of the Faculty of Economics & Business for their selfless work and contribution to the community.

From Nov. 15 to Dec. 25, 2020, applications are accepted via the form https://forms.gle/KyJm5oGKR9fUFkKA7 in which students can come in person with their story about their humanitarian work, help to the community, good deeds, or report some other of our students whom they know that deserves to be heard of for his deeds.

All stories will be published on Facebook https://forms.gle/KyJm5oGKR9fUFkKA7 and Instagram https://instagram.com/efzghumanitarac?igshid=1a71vln6h202, and after the New Year, there will be voting for the most touching stories in the opinion of followers. The three stories with the most votes will be presented to Assoc. Prof.  Božidar Jaković, Ph.D. the Vice-dean for students, teaching, and digitalization, who will decide which student will be declared the "Most Humanitarian of the EFZG" in mid-January 2021. The winner will be awarded a title, a plaque, and an official letter of gratitude from the Faculty of Economics & Business.

If you have a nice story behind you or you have identified someone in this text whom you would report, don’t wait with the application!

Keep an eye on the pages of FEB ZG- Humanitarian and find out who will be the first Greatest-Humanitarian of the FEB ZG!