Faculty of Economics & Business - Zagreb

Sustainability research workshop at the University of Economics in Prague within the CENETSIE project

From May 24 to 25,  2022, at the University of Economics in Prague, was held a workshop on sustainability as part of the Central European Network for Sustainable and Innovative Economy - CENETSIE (http://cenetsie.ue.poznan.pl/) project. The workshop gathered professors and doctoral students from the institutions involved in the project. The participants of the workshops from our Faculty were Prof. Blaženka Knežević, Ph.D., (coordinator of the project section in Croatia), Assoc. Prof. Ivana Marić, Ph.D., and Ms. Jelena Kovač, M.Sc. Oec. as a doctoral candidate.
The workshop summarized the project activities carried out so far related to research in the field of sustainability. An inspiring discussion and discussion on sustainability topics resulted in plans for new joint research and writing of scientific papers in the coming period. The aim of the workshop was to exchange experiences and develop research topics in areas such as:
  • sustainable consumption (SC) and it's macro and microeconomic effects,
  • corporate social responsibility (CSR),
  • sharing economy, sustainable economy,
  • social responsibility accounting, social accounting, integrated reporting, accounting 4.0, tax tools to support sustainable development (SD),
  • ethical and unethical customer behavior,
  • financial management in a sustainable economy,
  • use of cryptocurrencies and sustainable development, and
  • sustainable development from a global, regional and local perspective.
The workshop program was enriched by doctoral students by presenting plans and/or results of their research, after which they received useful comments from professors and other colleagues on how to conduct or improve their doctoral research.

Another topic discussed at the workshops was the implementation and completion of the student competition in producing educational films. The purpose of this competition is to encourage students from all partner universities (also doctoral students) to make a short film on sustainable development/sustainability/innovation in sustainability. The competition started on January 1, and the deadline for submitting videos is June 15. For more information, please, see at the link