Trade and International Business

Master Degree in Business study programme "Trade and International Business" is a 1-year graduate study program which was introduced in the academic year 2015/2016. It is one out of five university graduate study programmes provided by the Faculty of Economics & Business that are fully taught in English.

Within this study programme students are presented with the latest scientific, professional and practical achievements in trade management. Candidates acquire knowledge and skills necessary for managing trade businesses by utilizing contemporary technological tools and management methods.

Who can apply? 
The programme is open to Croatian and international applicants that have a Bachelor level diploma in the field of economics or business (the equivalent of 240 ECTS is a prerequisite for enrolment procedure).

What is duration of the study?
Duration of the study is one academic year (2 semesters).

How to apply?
The full details on the application process are available in English and in Croatian language.
Document explaining the full application procedure for international students coming from abroad can be found here.

If you need help or clarification on the procedure, our international office can assist you in obtaining all the necessary documents. Please send an email to for further instructions. 

What is the application deadline? 

For international students, the online applications are already open and remain open until the classes start (first week of November)Please send an email to for further instructions. 

For Croatian students, the applications will be open in the first week of October.

When do the classes begin? 
Beginning of the classes: first week of November

What is the tuition?
The tuition fee for one academic year is 5,000.00 Euros.

The amount of the tuition fee can be paid in four instalments.

Where is the enrollment office? 
Office 5, ground floor.
What is the enrollment fee?
Candidates for enrollment will have to pay additional 66.36 Euros as enrollment fee.


Programme Structure


Course cordinator Course code Course name ECTS Number of teaching hours
T. Baković, PhD, Full Professor 143080 Commodity Exchanges 6 20 20 0
M.Delić, PhD, Assistant Professor 143081 Trade and Trade Policy 6 20 20 0
S. Soucie, PhD, Full Professor 143082 Wholesale and Retail Business 6 30 10 0
  99490 Seminar paper 2 0 20 0
    ELECTIVE COURSES (min. 8 ECTS):        
T. Lazibat, PhD, Full Professor 143084 International Domestic Markets of Goods and Services 5 15 15 0
T. Lazibat, PhD, Full Professor 143085 Quality Management 5 20 10 0


Course cordinator Course code Course name ECTS Number of teaching hours
D. Naletina, PhD, Associate Professor 143086 Transport and Insurance 6 20 20 0
D.Dunković, PhD, Associate Professor 143087 Trade Management 6 20 20 0
  99489 Master thesis 12 0 60
    ELECTIVE COURSES (min. 8 ECTS):        
B. Knežević, PhD, Full Professor 227510 Economics of Electronic Commerce 5 15 15 0
H. Horak, PhD, Full Professor 143089 Law of International Trade 5 15 15 0