Katedra za statistiku

Statistical methods are fundamental analytical methods for economics and business administration. Statistical data on economic trends, statistical indicators and models provide information that enable the following of economic trends, implementation of economic policies, business decision-making and predicting.

The science of statistics includes theory, methods and their application. We teach three obligatory and a large number of elective courses at the Integrated undergraduate and graduate university study programme. Some of the courses are available in English language within Bachelor Degree in Business Programme (BDiB). Department of Statistics also offers the University Specialist Postgraduate Study Programme "Statistical Methods for Economic Analysis and Forecasting".

Curricula of a number of postgraduate programmes include courses in statistics. Computer programmes such as SAS, STATISTICA, Stata, EViews are very important in class and they are available to our students.

Our department members also achieve significant research results. They present their research at conferences in Croatia and abroad and also publish their work in scientific journals.