Faculty of Economics & Business - Zagreb

Price Models and Methods for Natural Gas Costs Reduction

Organized by the Faculty Economics & Business - Zagreb and the Institute of Energy and Environment Economics the seminar Price Models and Methods for Natural Gas Costs Reduction was held.
The headmaster of the seminar was Assistant Professor Tomislav Gelo, PhD and the lecturers were Mr. Davor Matić, M.Sc.Eng., and Ms. Sanja Vulama, M.Sc.Eng., experts with more than 20 years of international and domestic energy sector experience, especially in the natural gas market.
The seminar was primarily aimed at companies, natural gas users, in order to provide support and knowledge on the understanding of the functioning of a liberalized natural gas market, especially understanding gas prices and traditional, but above all contemporary pricing models in use (with an active role of beneficiaries in effective cost management of the natural gas in relation to market price motions), as well as when and how best to negotiate natural gas for the next period(s).