Faculty of Economics & Business - Zagreb

Organize Your Talk 2021 – online edition

The Department of Business Foreign Languages of the Faculty of Economics & Business, the University of Zagreb in partnership with the Representation of the European Commission in Croatia and the European Documentation Center of the Library and Documentation Center FEBZG organizes the 9th competition in student presentations in foreign languages Organize Your Talk 2021 - online edition. The ninth edition of the competition will be held for the second time on the competition website from June 4th to 14th, 2021.

The competition includes 1st-year students of the Faculty of Economics & Business with the aim of practicing communication skills of presentation in English or another foreign language. In line with the expected learning outcomes for the course Business English 2 - development of professional presentation skills crucial in today's business world and adoption of professional terminology - presentations address topics from economic and social life, where the EU goals, achievements, and policies have a prominent position.

Every year, students who have competed in fierce competition within their lecture groups perform at OYT. All first-year students "hone" their professional speaking skills under the guidance of their teachers, prepare and hold presentations in front of their colleagues, and only the best come to the competition. This year, 12 team presentations in English and 2 in German were shortlisted. As part of the competition, students will have to show to what extent they competently use professional terminology and appropriate phrases, and the strength and persuasiveness of expression will be important. They will also need to demonstrate how thoroughly they have researched the chosen topic, using a variety of sources and relying on the online support of EDC-LDC staff. Nor will the skill in using new communication technologies go unnoticed because all the presentations were made during twelve intensive weeks of distance learning.
OYT 2021 has two segments:
1. team presentation competition in English (12 teams)
2. presentations in other languages (in German - two teams this year)

The winners are decided by an expert jury, composed of representatives of the Representation of the European Commission in Croatia, sponsor companies, professors, representatives of students and former students of the Faculty of Economics & Business, and the audience by a majority vote. Voting is conducted via Google Forms forms which will be available at https://oyt.net.efzg.hr/naslovna from June 4 to 14  2021.
At the end of the voting, a short event will be organized on the same page, during which the jury will be presented live, the winners will be announced and prizes will be awarded.
The three best teams will be awarded a visit to the European Commission in Brussels, organized by the Representation of the European Commission in the Republic of Croatia, and other valuable prizes will be provided by FEBZG and EY.