Faculty of Economics & Business - Zagreb

Online interactive lecture - Presentation Skills

The Student Office and the Student Union of the University of Zagreb are organizing an Online Interactive Lecture: "Presentation Skills".
Lecture content
  • 🕔 Date: Saturday, December 19, 2020, at 🕔 10:00
  • 🏠 🛏 The manner of holding out: 🎧 🎦Online
  • ⭕ A number of participants - no less than 30, no more than 100

Experiences of participants in previous lectures:
"Tips for shaping presentations and proceeding during one, also examples and answers to participants' questions asked." [SUZG-VP-2020-04-23-1006]
"Demystifying nonverbal communication is refreshing to me and I think I'll think about it more deeply." [SUZG-VP-2020-04-23-986]
"Well presented content, it was clear and understandable" [SUZG-VP-2020-04-23-991]
"How to act and recognize that someone has had a panic attack at a public presentation, the appearance of a presentation, nonverbal communication, what to do when someone interferes with a lecture or asks a question you don't know the answer to." [SUZG-VP-2020-04-23-1001]
"I realized that humor, focusing on nonverbal communication, etc. are mostly distracting factors, and what matters is the content of what is taught so I should pay the most attention to studying the material I am presenting." [SUZG-VP-2020-04-23-1003]


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